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BS 3rd Term Date Sheet (Affiliated Colleges) Sargodha University 2021

Date Sheet: BS, BBA, B.Com, M.Com, MBA, M.Sc, M.A & BS (Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Technology) Programs, 3rd Term, Final Examination, 2021

Note:  Candidates must keep their Original National Identity Card and Roll No. slips, wear masks and follow all SOPs notified by Govt. of the Punjab regarding COVID-19 during the course of examination failing which they would not be allowed to take the examination.


Date Sheet:

Subjects Code & Paper
25-08-2021 (Wednesday)
BBA BACC-4204: Advanced Financial Accounting
ADP In IT CMPC-205: Database System
BS-Computer Science CMP-3113: Data Structures and Algorithms (Old Scheme)
BS-Computer Science CMPC-201: Data Structures and Algorithms (New Scheme)
BS-IT CMP-3112: Data Structures and Algorithms (Old Scheme)
BS-IT CMPC-203: Data Structures and Algorithms (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering CMP-3112: Data Structure and Algorithms (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering CMPC-201: Data Structures & Algorithms (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) CMP-3112: Data Structure and Algorithms
BS-Mathematics MATH-203/MATH-203I: Algebra- I (New Scheme)
BS-Mathematics MATH-203: Vector Analysis & Mechanics (Old Scheme)
BS-Physics MATH-204: Calculus
BS-Geography COMPT-202: Introduction to Computers (Old/ New Scheme)
BS-Geology COMP-201: Computer Application in Geology
BS-Civil Technology CT-212: Hydrology  (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology CT-212: Theory of Structures   (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology ET-212: Electrical Machines-II  (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology ET-212: Network Analysis  (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-216: Islamic Studies (Old Scheme)
BS-Psychology BIO-204/BIOG-204: Introduction to Biology-I
BS-Botany BOT-203: Cell Biology Genetics & Evolutions (Old Scheme)
BS-Botany BOT-203: Cell Biology Genetics & Evolutions (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry BOT-203: Botany-III/Cell Biology Genetics & Evolutions
BS-Chemistry MATHS-431: Analytical Geometry and Complex Numbers
BS-Zoology BOT-203: Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution (Old Scheme)
BS-English ENG-212: Introduction to Literature-I (Old Scheme)
BS-English ENG-215: Intercultural Communication  (New Scheme)
BS-Economics ECON-202: Intermediate Micro Economics
BS-Education EDU-202: Philosophy of Education
BS-Islamic Studies BISLC-202: Computer Science
BS-Political Science POLS-6115: Government & Politics of Pakistan
BS-Urdu URD-232: Computer
M.Com MCM-601: Human Resource Management
M.A (English) ENG-601: Modern Poetry
MBA (Executive) BHRM-6101: Human Resource Management
26-08-2021 (Thursday)
BBA BECO-4203: Macro Economics
ADP In IT CMPC-203: Data Communication & Networking
BS-Computer Science CMP-2540: Computer Communication and Networks (Old Scheme)
BS-Computer Science CMPC-205: Computer Networks (New Scheme)
BS-IT CMP-2540: Computer Communications and Networks (Old Scheme)
BS-IT CMPC-205: Discrete Structures (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering SS-2312: Pakistan Studies (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering BUSB-201: Human Resource Management (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) CMP-3440: Database Systems
BS-Mathematics MATH-201: Calculus-III (Old Scheme)
BS-Mathematics MATH-201: Calculus-III (New Scheme)
BS-Physics MATH-205: Ordinary Differential Equations
BS-Geography GEOG-201: Introduction to Cartography
BS-Geography GEOG-201: Human Geography
BS-Geology PKST-112: Pakistan Studies
BS-Civil Technology CT-213: Fluid Mechanics (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology ET-213: Digital Electronics (Old/ New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-211: Mechanics of  Materials (Old /New Scheme)
BS-Psychology ITM-205/ITMG-405: Introduction to Management 
BS-Botany CHEM-203: Organic Chemistry (Old Scheme)
BS-Botany CHEM-271: Organic Chemistry (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry CHEM-271: Organic Chemistry
BS-Zoology CHEM-203: Organic Chemistry (Old Scheme)
BS-Zoology CHEM. 201: Chemistry-III  Organic Chemistry  (New Scheme)
BS-English ENG-213: History of English Literature (Old Scheme)
BS-English ENG-216: Prose-I (New Scheme)
BS-Economics  ECON-203: Development Economics
BS-Education EDU-201: Educational Technology & ICT
BS-Islamic Studies BISL-203: Seerat-Un-Nabi (Asari Masayl)
BS-Political Science POLS-6113: Research Methodology
BS-Urdu URD-233: History of Sub-continent
M.Com MCM-602: Management Accounting
MBA (Executive) BECO-6105: Managerial Economics
M.A (English) ENG-602: Drama-III (19th Century)
27-08-2021 (Friday)
BS (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Political Science, Geography, Education, Economics, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering) URCE-5103: Academic Writing  (Compulsory)
BBA BLAW-4203: Money, Banking & Credit Management
ADP In IT ENGL-201: Technical & Report Writing
BS-Computer Science ENG-2413: Technical and Report Writing (Old Scheme)
BS-Computer Science ENGL-201: Technical & Report Writing 
BS-IT ENG-2413: Technical and Report Writing 
BS-IT ITSCC-201: Professional Practices (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering ENG-2413: English-III (Technical & Report Writing) (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering SECC-205: Human Computer Interaction (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) IT-3548: Web Systems and Technologies
BS-Mathematics ENG-203: Advanced Reading Skills (Old Scheme)
BS-Mathematics ENG-203: English- III “Technical Writing and Presentation Skills” (New Scheme)
BS-Physics ENG-206: English-III
BS-Geography ENG-201: English-III (Old+ New)
BS-Geology GEOL-207: Stratigraphy
BS-Civil Technology CT-214: Mechanics of Materials (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology HU-215: Communication Skills-I  (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology ET-215: Electrical Machines-I  (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-215: Communication Skills-II  (Old Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-213: Production Planning and Control (New Scheme)
BS-Psychology ENG-201/ENGL-401: Communication Skills-I
BS-Botany ENG-203: English-III (Old Scheme)
BS-Botany ENG-203: English-III “Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills” (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry ENG-203: English-III/ Advance Reading Skills
BS-Zoology ENG-203: English-III (Old Scheme)
BS-Zoology ENG-201: English-III (New Scheme)
BS-English ENG-214: Fiction-I (Old Scheme)
BS-English ENG-213: Fiction-I (New Scheme)
BS-Economics ENG-201: English-III
BS-Education ENG-201: English-III
BS-Islamic Studies BENG-201-English
BS-Urdu URD-231: English-III
M.Com MCM-603: Investment Analysis
MBA (Executive) BMGT-6105: Corporate Governance
M.A (English) ENG-603: Fiction-III
30-08-2021 (Monday)
BBA BMAT-4202: Business Law
ADP In IT CMPC-201: Object Oriented Programming
BS-Computer Science CS-3210:Computer Organization and Assembly Language (Old Scheme)
BS-Computer Science CSCC-201: Computer Organization and Assembly Language (New Scheme)
BS-IT IT-2410: Information Systems (Old Scheme)
BS-IT ITSC-201: Enterprise Systems (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering CMP-3310: Software Engineering (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering SECC-201: Software Requirement Engineering (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) SE-3311: Object Oriented Analysis & Design
BS-Mathematics BUS-231: Principles of Management (Old Scheme)
BS-Mathematics MATH-205: Probability Theory (New Scheme)
BS-Physics PHYS-201: Electricity and Magnetism-II
BS-Geography PSYC-203: Psychology (New Scheme)
BS-Geology GEOL-209: Geostatistics
BS-Civil Technology CT-215: Engineering Geology (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology ET-214: Power Generation and Utilization (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-212: Applied Thermodynamics  (Old/ New Scheme)
BS-Psychology PSY-202: Sports Psychology
BS-Psychology PSYC-402: Sports Psychology
BS-Botany COM-203: Computer Applications (Old Scheme)
BS-Botany COMP-203: Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry CS-203: Computer Applications
BS-Zoology COMP-203: Computer Applications (Old Scheme)
BS-Zoology COMP-201: Introduction of Computer (New Scheme)
BS-English ENG-214: Phonetics & Phonology 
BS-Economics ECON-206: Financial Management
BS-Education EDU-203: Teaching of History & Geography (Professional-I)
BS-Islamic Studies BISL-204: Arabic Language & Literature (Part-II)
BS-Political Science SOWK-5101: Introduction to Social Work
BS-Urdu URD-234: The Political History of Pakistan
M.Com MCM-604: Operation & Production Management
M.A (English) ENG-604: Research Methodology
MBA (Executive) BFIN-6103: Business Strategy & Policy
31-08-2021 (Tuesday)
BBA BSTA-4202: Statistics
ADP In IT MATH-201: Linear Algebra
BS-Computer Science MATH-2215: Differential Equations
BS-Computer Science PKST-201: Pakistan Studies 
BS-IT MATH-3215: Linear Algebra (Old Scheme)
BS-IT MATH-203: Linear Algebra (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering MATH-2110: Probability and Statistics (Old Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering MATH-201: Linear Algebra (New Scheme)
M.Sc (IT) IT-3541: Network Design & Management
M.Sc (IT) IT-4441: Data Warehousing 
BS-Mathematics PHY-201: Mechanics-II (Old Scheme)
BS-Mathematics PHY-201: Physics- III (New Scheme)
BS-Physics PHYS-202: Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
BS-Geography STAT-201: Statistics (Old + New)
BS-Geology GEOL-211: Mineralogy
BS-Civil Technology MATH-211: Applied Mathematics-II   (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology HU-211: Applied Mathematics-II    (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology HU-211: Applied Mathematics-II  (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology MATH-211: Applied Mathematics-III (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-214: Basic Electrical Technology (Old/ New Scheme)
BS-Psychology PSY-203/PSYC-403: Experimental Psychology
BS-Botany ZOL-203: Diversity of Animal Chordates (Old Scheme)
BS-Botany ZOL-203: Diversity of Animal Chordates  (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry ZOL-203: Diversity of Animal Chordates
BS-Chemistry PHYG-102: Mechanics-II, Electricity & Magnetism-II
BS-Zoology ZOL-203: Diversity of Animals (Vertebrates) (Old Scheme)
BS-Zoology ZOL-201N: Animals Diversity (Chordates) 
BS-Zoology ZOL-201: Animals Diversity (Invertebrates) 
BS-English ENG-217: Philosophy 
BS-Economics STAT-204: Statistics-I
BS-Education EDU-503: Educational Psychology
BS-Islamic Studies BISL-205: Education
BS-Political Science HIST-5101: Historiography
BS-Political Science SOCI-5101: General Sociology
BS-Urdu URD-235: Anthropology
M.Com ACM-605: Advanced Accounting 
M.Com FIM-605: International Financial Management 
M.A (English) ENG-605: American Literature
MBA (Executive) BMGT-6103: Strategic MIS
01-09-2021 (Wednesday)
BBA BSTA-4202I: Business Taxation
BS-Computer Science MNG-2210: Financial Accounting
BS-Computer Science BUSB-201: Principles of Management
BS-IT MNG-2210: Financial Accounting
BS-Software Engineering CMP-3450: Database System
M.Sc (IT) IT-4442: Data Mining
M.Sc (IT) IT-4746: E-Commerce Applications Development
M.Sc (IT) IT-4461: Enterprise Resource Planning System
M.Sc (IT) IT-4541: Data Security and Networks
BS-Geography GEOG-221: Map Work
BS-Geology GEOL-205: Introduction to Paleontology
BS-English ENG-217: Statistics (Old Scheme)
BS-English ENG-218: Statistics (New Scheme)
BS-Economics ECON-205: Principles of Marketing
BS-Education EDU-206: Biology
BS-Education EDU-204: Computer Assisted Language Learning
BS-Education EDU-205: Development Studies
BS-Political Science PSYC-5101: Introduction to Psychology
BS-Political Science POLS-5113: Constitutional Development of Pakistan
BS-Urdu URD-236: Punjabi Pakistani Languages
BS-Mechanical Technology MATH-211: Applied Mathematics-III 
M.Com ACM-606: Financial Statement Analysis (Elective-II)
M.Com FIM-606: Personal Finance (Elective-II)
M.A (English) ENG-606: Stylistics
MBA (Executive) BFIN-6101: Managerial Finance
02-09-2021 (Thursday)
BS-Urdu URD-237: Literary and Linguistic Terms
M.Sc (IT) IT-4744: Enterprise Application Development
MBA (3.5 Year) BBRM-6101: Business Research Methods
BS-Geography CHEM-102: Physical Chemistry

Note:  Dates of Practical / Viva Voce Examination will be notified separately and provided to the Principals of concerned Colleges. The candidates are advised to remain in-touch with the Principal of concerned colleges for the purpose.


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