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BA / B.Sc Syllabus Sargodha University

Mathematics Syllabus / Course Outlines Associate Degree in Arts / Science (ADP) Sargodha University

ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN SCIENCE A-Course of Mathematics Paper-I NOTE: Each section having four questions, please attempt two questions from each section. SECTION-I (4/12: 17,17,17,17) Theory of limit and continuity. Solution of Inequalities.  Derivatives and its application to business, economics and physics etc. Differentials. Related rates. Higher order derivatives. Leibnitz’s theorem. Limits …

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Syllabus / Course Outlines for Associate Degree in Arts/Science (AD/ADS/BA/BSC) Sargodha University

SYLLABUS / COURSE OUTLINES FOR BA / BSC COMPULSORY SUBJECT COURSE OUTLINES / SYLLABUS English Islamic Studies Ethics Pakistan Studies ELECTIVE SUBJECTS COURSE OUTLINES / SYLLABUS B-Course of Mathematics A-Course of Mathematics Chemistry Physics Arabic Education International Relations Psychology Geography English(Literature) Health & Physical Education History Statistics Persian Punjabi Social …

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Zoology BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

ZOOLOGY APPENDIX ‘A’ AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To develop and understanding of the problems of Zoological Sciences by means of observations & experimentations & thus finding out solutions of the problems. to equip the students with sufficient basic information on different aspects of Animal life so that they are able to …

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Sociology BA/BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

SOCIOLOGY (ELECTIVE) Sociology (B.A)  (Syllabi and Courses of Reading) Paper A: General Sociology Marks: 100 Paper B: Sociological Theory, Research and Social Problem. Marks 100       Grant Total:      200 Paper A: General Sociology Note:    (All the topics should be covered in the context of Pakistani Society)  Introduction:- Definition of Sociology Subject …

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Social Work BA Syllabus Sargodha University

SOCIAL WORK (ELECTIVE) APPENDIX ‘A’  (Outlines of Tests)  SCHEME OF STUDIES  Paper ‘A’:             Pakistani Society – Its needs and Problems:  75 Marks Paper ‘B’:             Social Work – Theory and Practice:   75 Marks Practical:              (Field Work Practical) Evaluation:  50 Marks Grant Total:        200 Marks Objectives:-                 The objectives of the B.A …

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Political Science BA Syllabus Sargodha University

POLITICAL SCIENCE (ELECTIVE) Political Science (B.A) Syllabi and Courses of Reading Paper A   Principles of Political Science Marks   100 Paper B   Government and Politics in U.K.  U.S.A., Switzerland and Pakistan Marks   100 Grand Total:  200 PAPER A                Principles of Political Science Political Science Definition, Scope and Utility of Political Science …

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Physics BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

Physics (Elective)  RECOMMENDED TEXT FOR B.Sc. SYLLABUS OF PHYSICS IS GENERALLY by David Halliday, ROBERT RESNICK / KENNETH S.KRANE, Publishers John Wiley and Sons, 4TH EDITION (ISBN 0-471-80457-6) Note:    The Paper A, B, & C are Subjective and Paper D & E are of Practical. The each Subjective paper is …

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BA / BSc Subject Combinations Sargodha University

BACHELOR OF ARTS EXAMINATION (PASS COURSE) Every candidate appearing in Bachelor of Arts Examination (Pass Course) shall be required to offer English language Compulsory carrying 200 marks, (Islamiyat /Ethics Compulsory 60 marks & Pakistan Studies Compulsory 40 marks) and any two elective subjects carrying 200 marks each and one optional …

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