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BA / B.Sc Syllabus Sargodha University

Mathematics BA / BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

Here you can find all Mathematics syllabus / course outlines of BA / BSc (A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics, General Mathematics and Mathematics Optional). MATHEMATICS (OPTIONAL)  (Outlines of Course) Paper:     (Algebra ½ and Calculus ½)                                    Marks = 100 i) Algebra (½ ) Introduction to Number System, …

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Journalism BA Syllabus Sargaodha University

Here you can find Journalism Paper A and B , Journalism paper Optional Syllabus Annual Examination System University of Sargodha. Journalism (Optional) Outlines of Test Marks: 100 Paper: What is Journalism? Importance of Journalism in relation to society. How a newspaper is produced from collection of news upto the preparation …

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International Relations BA Syllabus Sargodha University

International Relations as Elective Subject at B.A./B.Sc. Level  (w.e.f. 2005-2007 session) International Relations shall be offered as an elective subject of 200 marks in BA/BSc examinations. It shall be comprised of two papers each of 100 marks. Following are the out-lines/contents of this course along with the core and the …

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Home Economics BA Syllabus Sargodha University

HOME ECONOMICS (ELECTIVE) APPENDIX A  (Outlines of Courses) B.A Home Economics Examination will consist of two theory Papers A and B of 70 and 60 marks respectively and a practical examination of 70 marks covering practical training in the areas of Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textile, Home Management and …

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History BA Syllabus Sargodha University

History (elective) (Effective from 2006-2008 & Onward) (New Course) PREFACE As a matter of fact ‘History’ is an accurate (possible) record of past events. It provides the status of phenomenon at given times. It also provides interpretation and evaluation of problems, issues, movements and direct observation as eyewitness and indirect …

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Fine Arts BA Syllabus Sargodha University

B.A. / B.Sc. FINE ARTS (ELECTIVE) FINE ARTS (Outlines of Courses) Paper A Written (Time 03 Hours.)                     Part-I: History of Indo-Pakistan Painting and Sculpture                 Part-II: History of Western Painting and Sculpture       Marks in Theory.                                                  80     Paper ‘B’ Practical (Parts I, II, …

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Chemistry BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

B.Sc CHEMISTRY (ELECTIVE)  (Outlines of Courses for Session 2005-2006 and on wards) Paper “A”            Physical Chemistry (Written)         50 Marks Paper “B”            Inorganic Chemistry (Written)      50 Marks Paper “C”            Organic Chemistry   (Written)       50 Marks Practical:    (For three Days , Four Hours Duration each day as detailed below): Paper “A”            Physical …

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Botany BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

BOTANY (ELECTIVE) APPENDIX ‘A’ CURRICULUM OF B.Sc BOTANY FOR SESSION 2004-2006 & ONWARDS. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To develop the understanding of the problems of Plant Sciences by means of observations & experimentations & thus finding out solutions of the problems. To equip the students with sufficient basic information on different …

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