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Home / Date Sheets / Date Sheet Sargodha University / Date Sheet of 2nd Term BS/B.Com/BBA/M.Com/MBA/M.Sc/M.A/BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech. Final Written Examination 2019 Sargodha University

Date Sheet of 2nd Term BS/B.Com/BBA/M.Com/MBA/M.Sc/M.A/BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech. Final Written Examination 2019 Sargodha University

Date Sheet of 2nd Term, Final Written Examination BS/B.Com/BBA/M.Com/MBA/M.Sc/M.A    BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech.

Time: Evening (02:00pm to 04:30pm)

Time: Evening (02:00pm to 05:00pm)

Day & Date Subjects Lk No. Code & Paper
B.Com 110. BCT-307: Business Mathematics
BS-Mechanical Technology 111. HU-123: Applied Mathematics-II
112. MATH-122 : Applied Mathematics-II
BBA 113. BECO-3201: Micro Economics
BS-Civil Technology 114. CT-122: Concrete Technology (Old Scheme)
115. CT-124: Concrete Technology (New Scheme)
BS-Computer Science 116. CMP-2124: Object Oriented Programming
BS-IT 117. CMP-2123: Object Oriented Programming
BS-Software Engineering 118. CMP-2123: Object Oriented Programming
M.Sc (IT) 119. CMP-2123: Object Oriented Programming
BS-Electrical Technology 120. HU-122: Islamic Studies
BS-Botany 121. ISL-102: Islamic Studies(New Scheme )
BS-English 122. ENG-112 : Islamic Studies (New Scheme )
123. ENG-111 : Islamic Studies (Old Scheme)
BS-Mathematics 124. ISL-102: Islamic Studies (Old Scheme)
125. ISL-102: Islamic Studies (New Scheme )
BS-Physics 126. ISL-102,  ISL-110 : Islamic Studies
BS-Zoology 127. BIST-109: Islamic Studies (New Scheme)
BS- Psychology 128. ISL-113: Islamic Education (Compulsory)
BS-Geography 129. GEOG-102: Introduction to Physical Geography-II (Old Scheme)
130. GEOG-102: Physical Geography (New Scheme)
BS-Geology 131. CHEM-102: Chemistry II
M.Com 132. MCM-507: Financial Management
MBA (3.5 years) 133. BFIN-5201: Financial Management
M.Sc (Zoology) 134. ZOL-504: Animal Physiology
M.A (English) 135. ENG-509: Fiction-II
MBA (Executive) 136. BACC-5205:Managerial Accounting & Control System
M.Sc (Physical Education) 137. PED-506: Science of Track & Field
B.Com 138. BCT-310: Pakistan Studies
BS-Botany 139. PKS-102: Pakistan Studies (Old Scheme)
BS-Zoology 140. PKS-101: Pakistan Studies (Old Scheme)
BS-Chemistry 141. PAKST-101: Pakistan Studies
BS-Electrical Technology 142. HU-125: Pakistan Studies
143. ET-125: Basic Mechanical Technology (New Scheme)
BS-Geography 144. PKST-112: Pakistan Studies (Old Scheme)
145. PKST-112: Pakistan Studies (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 146. HU-125: Pakistan Studies  (Old Scheme)
147. ENG-123: Communication Skills-II (New Scheme)
BBA 148. BMAT-3201: Applied Mathematics
BS-Physics 149. MATH-108: Techniques of Integration
BS-Geology 150. PHY-110: Physics II
BS-Mathematics 151. PHY-102: Electricity and Magnetism (Old Scheme)
152. PHY-102: Physics-II (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology 153. CT-123: Surveying (Old Scheme)
154. CT-125: Surveying (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering 155. CMP-2210: Digital Logic Design
BS-Computer Science 156. CMP-2210: Digital Logic Design
BS-IT 157. CMP-2210: Digital Logic Design
BS-English 158. ENG-109: Sociolinguistics (New Scheme)
159. ENG-108: Sociolinguistics (Old  Scheme)
BS-Psychology 160. STAT-114: Introduction to Statistics
M.Com 161. MCM-506: Company Law
M.Sc (IT) 162. CMP-2540: Computer Communication and Networks
M.Sc (Zoology) 163. ZOL-506: Development Biology
M.A (English) 164. ENG-510: Criticism
MBA (Executive) 165. BECO-5205: Economics(Micro & Macro) for Business
MBA (3.5 years) 166. BECO-5204: Economics for Business
M.Sc (Physical Education) 167. PED-505: Methodology of Scientific Coaching
B.Com 168. BCT-308: Macro Economics
BBA 169. BSSC-3205: Logics
BS-Botany 170. BOT-102: Plant Systematic Anatomy & Development / Embryology (New Scheme)
171. BOT-102: Plant Systematic Anatomy & Development (Old Scheme)
BS-Chemistry 172. BOT-102: Plant Systematic Anatomy & Development
173. PHYG-201: Electricity & Magnetism-I, Electronics
BS-Zoology 174. BOT-102: Plant Systematic anatomy and development (Old Scheme)
175. BOT-102:Botany-II:  Plant Systematic anatomy/development embryology  (New  Scheme)
BS-Geology 176. MATH-102: Calculus and Analytical Geometry
BS-Geography 177. MATH-102: Calculus and Analytical Geometry (Old Scheme)
178. MATH-102: Calculus and Analytical Geometry (New Scheme)
BS-English 179. ENG-108: Introduction to Short Stories (New Scheme)
180. ENG-107: Advance Reading Skills-II (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 181. ET-121: Basic Electronics (Old Scheme)
182. ET-121: Basic Electronics  (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering 183. CMP-2111: Discrete Structures
BS-IT 184. CMP-2111: Discrete Structures
BS-Computer Science 185. CMP-2111: Discrete Structures
M.Sc (IT) 186. CMP-2111: Discrete Structures
BS-Mathematics 187. COMP-106/MATH-106: Programming Languages for Mathematicians(Old Scheme)
253 COMP-102: Programming Languages for Mathematicians (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 188. MT-213: Applied Mechanics  (Old Scheme)
189. MT-125: Applied Mechanics (New Scheme)
BS-Physics 190. PHYS-106: Mechanics-II
BS-Civil Technology 191. CT-121: Applied Mechanics (Old Scheme)
192. CT-121: Applied Mechanics (New Scheme)
BS-Urdu 193. Statistics (Compulsory)
BS-Psychology 194. PSY-112: History and Systems of Psychology
M.A (English) 195. ENG-507: Romantic Poetry
MBA (Executive) 196. BBRM-5201: Business Research Method
M.Com 197. MCM-508: Business Research Methods
M.Sc (Physical Education) 198. PED-508: Method of  Research in Sports
B.Com 199. BCT-306: Financial Accounting-II
BBA 200. BACC-3202: Financial Accounting
BS-Software Engineering 201. MNG-2210: Financial Accounting
BS-Botany 202. ZOL-102: Diversity in Animals (Invertebrates) (Old Scheme)
203. ZOL-102: Diversity in Animals Invertebrates (New Scheme)
BS-Zoology 204. ZOL-102: Diversity of Animals (Invertebrates) (Old  Scheme)
205. ZOL-102: Principles of Animal Life –II (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry 206. ZOL-102: Diversity in animal (Invertebrates)
207. MATHS-321: Calculus-II
BS-Mathematics 208. MATH-102: Calculus-II (Old Scheme)
209. MATH-102: Calculus-II (New Scheme)
BS-Computer Science 210. MATH-2110: Probability and Statistics
BS-IT 211. MATH-2110: Probability and Statistics
BS-Electrical Technology 212. ET-124: Linear Circuit Analysis (Old Scheme)
213. ET-124: Linear Circuit Analysis (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology 214. MATH-122: Applied Mathematics-II (New Scheme)
BS-English 215. ENG-111: Computer Science (New Scheme)
216. ENG-110: Computer Science (Old  Scheme)
BS-Geography 217. GEOG-104: Introduction to Human Geography-II (Old Scheme)
218. PSYC-203: Psychology (New Scheme)
BS-Geology 219. GEOL-106: Geomorphology
BS-Mechanical Technology 220. MT-124: Industrial Materials (Old Scheme)
221. MT-124: Industrial Materials (New Scheme)
BS-Physics 222. PHYS-107: Electricity and Magnetism-I
BS-Psychology 223. ESC-115: Everyday Science
224. URD-124: Philosophy
M.Com 225. MCM-510: Organizational Behavior
MBA (3.5 years) 226. BMGT-5207: Organizational Behavior
M.Sc (IT) 227. CMP-3611: Operating Systems
M.A (English) 228. ENG-511: Prose-II
MBA (Executive) 229. BMKT-5204: Marketing Management
B.Com 230. BCT-309: Functional English
BBA 231. BSSC-3204: Functional English-II
BS-Botany 232. ENG-102: English-II ( Old Scheme)
233. ENG-102: English-II (Communication Skills) ( New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry 234. ENG-102: English-II  (English Grammar)
BS-Geography 235. ENG-102: English-II (Old Scheme)
236. ENG-102: English-II (New Scheme)
BS-Geology 237. ENG-102: English -II
BS-Computer Science 238. ENG-2412: Communication Skills
BS-Civil Technology 239. CT-124: Communication Skills-II (Old Scheme)
240. ENG-123: Communication Skills-II (New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 241. ENG-123: Communication Skills-II (New Scheme)
BS-English 242. ENG-107: Communication Skills (New Scheme)
243. ENG-106: Communication Skills (Old Scheme)
BS-IT 244. ENG-2412:Communication Skills
BS-Software Engineering 245. ENG-2412: English-II (Communication Skills)
BS-Mathematics 246. ENG-102: Functional Grammar (Old Scheme)
247. ENG-102: English-II (Communication Skills) (New Scheme)
BS-Physics 248. ENG-109: English-II
BS-Zoology 249. ENG-102: English-II(Old Scheme)
250. ENG-102: English-II (New Scheme)
BS-Psychology 251. ENG-111: English-II (Compulsory)
M.A (English) 252. ENG-508: Drama-II (18th Century)
M.Com 253. MCM-509: Business Communication & Interpersonal Skills
M.Sc (IT) 254. CMP-3310: Software Engineering
BS-Mechanical Technology 255. MT-122: Computer Aided Drafting (Old Scheme)
256. MT-126: Computer Aided Drafting  (New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 257. ET-123: Electrical Machines-I
MBA (3.5 years) 258. BSSE-5206 : Business Communication & Report Writing
MBA (Executive) 259. BMGT-5204: Production and operations Management
BS-Computer Science 260. MATH-2214: Multivariable Calculus
BS-English 261. ENG-110: Psychology (New Scheme)
262. ENG-109: Psychology (Old  Scheme)
BS-IT 263. MNG-2212: Principles of Management
BS-Software Engineering 264. MNG-2212: Principles of Management
BS-Chemistry 265. CHEM-161: Inorganic Chemistry
BS-Zoology 266. CHEM-102: Inorganic Chemistry (Old Scheme)
267. CHEM-102:  Chemistry-II: Inorganic Chemistry (New Scheme)
BS-Botany 268. CHEM-161: Inorganic Chemistry (New Scheme)
269. CHEM-102: Inorganic Chemistry (Old Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology 270. GS-121: Applied Physics(Old Scheme)
271. MT-121: Machining Process (New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 272. MATH-122: Applied  Mathematics
M.Sc (IT) 273. IT-3743: Multimedia Systems and Design
M.A (English) 274. ENG-512: Linguistics
MBA (3.5 years) 275. BHRM-5201: Human Resource Management
BS-Mathematics 276. MATH-104: Probability Theory  (Old Scheme)
277. MATH-104: Statistics (New Scheme)
BS-Geography 278. ENVR-104: Environmental Geology (New Scheme)

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