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Date Sheet of 8th Term BS Programs & BBA Final Written Examination Sargodha University

Date Sheet of 8th Term BS Programs & BBA Final Written Examination Sargodha University

Day & Date Subjects Code & Paper
BBA BMGT-6206: Strategic Business Management
BS-Botany Biodiversity & Conservation
BS-Chemistry CHEM-415: Advanced Spectroscopy-II (Minor)
BS-Zoology ZOL-602: Zoogeography & Paleontology
BS-Physics PHYS-406: Computational Physics
BS-English ENG-442: Post Colonial Novel
BS-Geography GEOG-402: Geography of Pakistan (Environment & Economy)
BS-IT IT-434: Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Old Scheme)
IT-4541: Cloud Computing
BS-Software Engineering CS-4544: Cloud Computing
BS-Computer Science CS-4544: Cloud Computing
BS-Psychology PSY-411: Counseling Psychology
BS-Mathematics ECON-101: Principles of Economics
BBA BMGT-6207: Organizational Behavior
BS-Botany BOT-423: Environmental Biology
BS-Chemistry CHEM-417:FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy (Major)
BS-Zoology ZOL-604: Logic Reasoning
BS-Computer Science CS-470: Data Warehousing (Old Scheme)
CS-4547: Mobile Application Development (New Scheme)
BS-English ENG-443: History of Western Civilization
BS-Geography GEOG-409:Hydro Geography
BS-IT IT-4461: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
BS-Mathematics MATH-426: Fluid Mechanics-II
MATH-422: Astronomy-II
MATH-420:Theory of Modules
BS-Physics PHYS-407: Laser Physics
BS-Psychology PSY-412: Cognitive Psychology
BS-Software Engineering MNG-3262:Entrepreneurship
BBA BMGT-6208: Total Quality Management
BS-Botany BOT-424: Cell Biology
BS-Chemistry CHEM-431:Environmental Chemistry
BS-Zoology ZOL-606: Introduction to Biotechnology
BS-English ENG-444: American Drama
BS-Geography GEOG-413:Environmental Geography
BS-IT IT-4741: Computer Game Development
BS-Mathematics MATH-432: Quantum Mechanics-II
MATH-434: Special Relativity
BS-Physics PHYS-409: Nuclear & Elementary Practical Physics
BS-Psychology PSY-413: Psychology of Advertising & Marketing Research
BS-Software Engineering SE-4345:Design Patterns
BBA BMKT-6204: Advertising Management
BS-Botany BOT-428: Palynology
BOT-429: Plant Tissue Culture
BS-Chemistry CHEM-467:Homogeneous Catalysis by Transition Metal Complexes (Minor)
BS-Zoology ZOL-608: Microbiology
BS-English ENG-445: World Literature in Translation
BS-Computer Science SS-4910: Professional Practices
BS-IT HUM-250:Professional Practice
BS-Software Engineering SS-4910:Professional Practice
BS-Mathematics MATH-443: History or Mathematics
BFIN-6103: International Finance Management
BBA BMKT-6205: International Marketing
BS-English ENG-446: Psycholinguistics
BS-Psychology PSY-427: Human Resource Management
BS-Mathematics MATH-450: Special Functions
MATH-430:Operations Research-II
MATH-414: Advanced Group Theory-II
BBA BFIN-6205: Investment & Portfolio Management
BS-Botany BOT-438: Water Pollution Management
BOT-442: Advanced Plant Anatomy
BS-English ENG-447: Stylistics-II
BS-Mathematics MATH-441: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (Elective)
BS- Physics PHYS-408 :Relativity and Cosmology
BS-Psychology PSY-424: Forensic Psychology
BS-Computer Science CS-4745: Enterprise Application Development

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