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Revised Date Sheet of BS 7th Term Sargodha University 2019

Revised Date Sheet of BBA & BS Programs / BS(Civil),BS(Electrical),BS(Mechanical) Tech. 7th Term July 2019 Private Affiliated Colleges University of Sargodha

Day & Date Subjects Lk No. Code & Paper


BBA 201.       BACC-6108: Financial Statement Analysis (Specialization in Finance)
202.       BMKT-6102: Sales Management (Specialization in Marketing)
BS-Chemistry 203.       CHEM-441: Forensic Chemistry
BS-Civil Technology 204.       CT-411: Foundation and Pavements
BS-Computer Science 205.       CMP-4744: Enterprise Application Development (New Scheme)
206.       CS-471: Data Mining (Old Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology 207.       ET-411: Industrial and Environmental Safety
BS-English 208.       ENG-436: Criticism-III
BS-Geography 209.       GEOG-401: Geography of Pakistan (History & Politics)
BS-IT 210.       IT-3541: Network Design and Management (New Scheme)
211.       IS-475: Data Ware House (Old Scheme)
BS-Mathematics 212.       MATH-401: Statistics
BS-Mechanical Technology 213.       MT-411: Industrial and Environmental Safety
BS-Physics 214.       PHYS-401: Statistical Mechanics
BS-Software Engineering 215.       CS-4461: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
BS Psychology 216.       PSY-401: Clinical Psychology
BS Botany 217.       BOT-417: Plant Biochemistry-II
BS Zoology 218.       ZOL:601: Evolution & Principles of Systematics


BBA 219.       BECO-6105: Managerial Economics
BS-Chemistry 220.       CHEM-461: Industrial Chemistry
BS-Computer Science 221.       CS-4141: Compiler Construction (New Scheme)
BS-English 222.       ENG-437: Drama-III
BS-Geography 223.       GEOG-406: Natural Hazards & Disaster Management
BS-IT 224.       IT-4542: Data & Network Security
BS-Mathematics 225.       MATH-421: Astronomy-I
226.       MATH-413: Advanced Group Theory-I
BS-Physics 227.       PHYS-402: Atomic and Molecular Physics
BS-Software Engineering 228.       CS-4547: Mobile Application Development
BS Psychology 229.       PSY-402: Neurological Dysfunctions
BS Botany 230.       BOT-418: Plant Ecology-II
BS Zoology 231.       ZOL:603: Principles of Toxicology



BBA 232.       BFIN-6102: Corporate Finance (Specialization in Finance)
233.       BMKT-6103: Marketing Management (Specialization in Marketing)
BS-Chemistry 234.       CHEM-413: Advanced Chromatographic Techniques (Major)
BS-English 235.       ENG-438: American Novel & Poetry
BS-Geography 236.       GEOG-431: South Asia
BS-IT 237.       IT-4547: Mobile Application Development (New Scheme)
BS-Mathematics 238.       MATH-433: Integral Equations
BS-Physics 239.       PHYS-403: Plasma Physics


BS-Software Engineering 240.       SE-4342: SE Economics
BS Psychology 241.       PSY-403: Health Psychology
BS Botany 242.       BOT-419: Plant Physiology-II
BS Zoology 243.       ZOL:607: Biological Techniques & Bio-Informatics


BBA 244.       BMGT-6104: Production & Operations Management
BS-Chemistry 245.       CHEM-412: Advanced Spectroscopy-I
246.       CHEM-484: Surface Phenomena
247.       CHEM-423:Metabolism and Bio Energetic
BS- Computer Science 248.       SS-4349: Software Project Management (New Scheme)
BS-English 249.       ENG-439: Prose-III
BS-Geography 250.       GEOG-433: Principles of Computer Mapping
BS-IT 251.       IT-4746: E-Commerce Applications Development
BS-Mathematics 252.       MATH-429: Operations Research-I
253.       MATH-441: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
BS-Physics 254.       PHYS-404: Quantum Mechanics-II
BS-Software Engineering 255.       SE-4349: Model-Driven Software Development
BS Psychology 256.       PSY-404: Developmental Psychology
BS Botany 257.       BOT-420: Genetics II
BS Zoology 258.       ZOL:609: Microbiology I


BBA 259.       BMGT-6105: Entrepreneurship
BS-Computer Science 260.       CS-4547: Mobile Application Development
BS-English 261.       ENG-440: ESP
BS- Mathematics 262.       MATH-449: Measure Theory
BS- Physics 263.       PHYS-405: Solid State Physics-II
BS Psychology 264.       PSY-405: Gender Issues in Psychology
BS Botany 265.       BOT-439: Air-pollution Management Strategies
BS-Chemistry 266.       CHEM-474:Reaction Mechanism


BS-Chemistry 267.       CHEM-464: Stereochemistry Periodicity & Nuclear Chemistry (Minor)
268.       CHEM-476:Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry
BS-Computer Science 269.       CS-4746: E-Commerce Application Development
BS-English 270.       ENG-441: 20th Century Poetry
BS-Mathematics 271.       MATH-425: Fluid Dynamics-I
272.       MATH-431: Quantum Mechanics-I
273.       MATH-415: Modern Algibra-I
BS-Physics 274.       PHYS-410: Advanced Electronics
275.       PHYS-411: Physical and Geometrical Optics

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