Beauty Industry – Modern Essays Notes

Q. No. 01: – Comments on the use of cosmetics in Pakistan?


 The women of Pakistan also use cosmetics. But unlike American women they don’t have craze for makeup. Most of the women use makeup only on some special occasions. They do not always wear makeup. They use cosmetics is social functions like marriages and Eids.

The ladies belonging to the upper class use highly cosmetics. They use imported lipsticks, creams and face powders etc. these women use imported cosmetics. There is a huge amount of foreign exchange is spent on such items.

 The ladies of middle class also try to use imported cosmetics. They do so with some difficulties. Sometime due to lack of fund they are content with local items.

The women of poor class use local made cosmetics. They do not know much about imported things. They are content with desi things like mehndi, surma and local powders. The women living in villages do not care for their makeup. They use butter in their hair.

 In short, Pakistan women don’t use much makeup. They don’t have much time for that. Most of the time they are busy in their household works (chores). They don’t give much time to themselves. They don’t try to keep up their youthful appearance forever.