BS Chemistry Syllabus / Course Outlines Sargodha University

Sargodha University BS Chemistry Syllabus

Scheme of Studies

BS Chemistry 1st Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • ISL-101: Islamic Studies / Ethics
  • BOT-101: Diversity of Plants
  • MATHS-311: Calculus-I
  • ENG-101: Study Skills / English-I
  • CHEM-181: Physical Chemistry
  • ZOL-101: Principles in Animal Life
  • PHYG-101:Mechanics-I, Waves & Oscillations

BS Chemistry 2nd Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • CHEM-161: In organic Chemistry
  • BOT-102: Plant systemic Anatomy
  • ZOL-102: Diversity in Animal Invertebrates
  • PHY G-201: Electricity & Magnetism- I
  • MATHS-321: Calculus- II
  • ENG- 102: English- II

BS Chemistry 3rd Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • BOT-203: Cell Biology Genetics & Evolutions
  • MATHS-431: Analytical Geometry and Complex Numbers
  • CHEM-271: Organic Chemistry
  • ENG-203: Advance Reading Skills
  • CS-203: Computer Applications
  • ZOL-203: Diversity of Animal Chordates
  • PHYG-102: Mechanics-II, Electricity & Magnetisn-II
  • MATHS-431: Analytical and Complex Numbers

BS Chemistry 4th Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • CHEM-291: Chemistry Special Topic
  • BOT-204: Plant Physiology & Ecology
  • ZOL-204: Principles of Animal Physiology
  • MNT-204: Introduction to management
  • PHY-402: Thermodynamics & Statistical
  • MATHS-441: Linear Algebra & Differential
  • ENG- 104: English- IV

BS Chemistry 5th Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • CHEM-311: Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM-362: Inorganic Chemistry-I
  • CHEM-372: Organic Chemistry-I
  • CHEM-382: Physical Chemistry-I
  • MTH-300: Basic Mathematics for Chemists

BS Chemistry 6th Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • CHEM-322: Bio Chemistry
  • CHEM-363: Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM-373: Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM-383: Physical Chemistry
  • STAT-300: Basic Statistics

BS Chemistry 7th Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • CHEM-441: Forensic Chemistry
  • CHEM-461: Industrial Chemistry
  • CHEM-413: Advanced Chromatographic Techniques (Major)
  • CHEM-412: Advanced Spectroscopy-I
  • CHEM-484: Surface Phenomena
  • CHEM-423:Metabolism and Bio Energetic
  • CHEM-474:Reaction Mechanism
  • CHEM-464: Stereochemistry Periodicity & Nuclear Chemistry (Minor)
  • CHEM-476:Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry

BS Chemistry 8th Term / Semester Scheme of Study

  • CHEM-415: Analytical (Minor), Advanced Spectroscopy- II
  • CHEM-417: Analytical (Major), Ftir & Raman Spectroscopy
  • CHEM-431: Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM-467: Inorganic (Minor), Homogeneous Catalysis by Transition Metal Complexes

Note: University can change this syllabus at anytime, for verification of syllabus please contact your respective college or University

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