BS Physics Syllabus / Course Outlines Sargodha University

BS Physics 1st Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

MATH-103: Application of Differentials
PKST-105: Pakistan Studies
ENG-104: English-I
PHYS-101: Mechanics-I
PHYS-102: Waves and Oscillations

BS Physics 2nd Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

PHYS-106: Mechanics-II
PHYS-107: Electricity & Magnetism-I
MATH-108:Techniques of integration
ENG-109:English- II
ISL-110: Islamic Studies

BS Physics 3rd Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

MATH-204: Calculus
MATH-205: Ordinary Differential Equations
ENG-206: English-III
PHYS-201: Electricity and Magnetism-II
PHYS-202: Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

BS Physics 4th Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

PHYS-207: Basic of Electronics and Nuclear Physics
PHYS-208: Theory of Thermodynamics
PHYS-210: Vector and tenser Analysis
PHYS-211: Linear Algebra
STAT-212: Theory of Error Analysis

BS Physics 5th Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

PHYS-301: Methods of Mathematics Physics-I
PHYS-302: Classical Mechanics-I
PHYS-303: Electrodynamics-I
PHYS-304: Electronics

BS Physics 6th Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

PHYS-306: Methods of mathematical Physics- II
PHYS-309: Quantum Mechanics- I
PHYS-308: Electrodynamics- II
PHYS-310: Solid State Physics- I
PHYS-307: Classical Mechanics

BS Physics 7th Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

PHYS-401: Statistical Mechanics
PHYS-402: Atomic and Molecular Physics
PHYS-403: Plasma Physics
PHYS-404: Quantum Mechanics-II
PHYS-410: Advanced Electronics
PHYS-411: Physical and Geometrical Optics

BS Physics 8th Term Syllabus / Course Outlines

PHYS-406:Computational Physics
PHYS-407:Laser Physics
PHYS-408:Relativity & Cosmology
PHYS-409:Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics