Classical Poetry, MA English Sargodha University Past Papers 2016

Sergoda University MA English Paper-I Classical Poetry Past Papers 2016

Here you can download Past Papers of Paper-I Classical Poetry, MA English Part One, 1st & 2nd Annual Examination, 2016 University of Sergoda.

Classical Poetry UOS Past Papers 2016

M.A. English Part – I

Paper-I(Classical Poetry)                     1st Annual Exam.2016

Time: 3 Hours     New Course                Marks:100

Note: Objective Part is Compulsory. Attempt any four questions from subjective part. (visit:

Objective paper

Q.1: Write short answers of the following in two lines each on the answer book.                                                                      (20)

  1. Why were the pilgrims going to Canterbury?
  2. Name the three ideal characters in “The Prologue”.
  3. Define allegory.
  4. What does the dwarf symbolize?
  5. Why did Lord Peter server Belinda’s lock?
  6. Define the term ‘metaphysical’.
  7. What is cynical love?
  8. Define irony.
  9. Why does Shakespeare compare his beloved to a summer’s day?
  10. Define satire.

Subjective Part

Q.2:     Write a detailed commentary on Chaucer’s art of characterization.

Q.3:     Discuss Spenser as a poets’ poet.

Q.4:     Not only as a dramatist but Shakespeare also reveals his artistic skill in writing odes. Discuss.

Q.5:     Discuss Donne’s three moods of love in his metaphysical lyrics.

Q.6:     How does Milton “Justify the Ways of God to Men”?

Q.7:     “The Rape of the Lock” is a bitter satire on the 18th century aristocratic society. Discuss.