Date Sheet BA / BSc / B.Com-II (Only) / Associate Degree in Arts / Science / Commerce Part I, II & Combined Supplementary Examination 2022 Sargodha University

Date Sheet BA / BSc / B.Com-II (Only) / Associate Degree in Arts / Science / Commerce Part I, II & Combined Supplementary Examination 2022 University of Sergoda

The candidates must keep with them their ORIGINAL COMPUTERIZED NATIONAL IDENTITY CARDS, Roll No. Slips, wear masks and follow all SOPs notified by Govt. of the Punjab regarding COVID-19 during the course of examination failing which they would not be allowed to take the Examination.


  1. Roll Number slips of regular / late College students of ADA/ADS/BA/B.Sc , B.Com & ADC will be sent through e-mail to the Principals of their respective colleges whereas Roll Number slips of ADA/ADS/BA/B.Sc Private / Late College Students will be uploaded on University of Sergoda website Download Roll Number Slip
  2. Hard copy of Roll Number slips of the candidates will not be dispatched.
  3. Roll Number slips for Practical Examination will be uploaded separately.
  4. Duration of the English Paper A (BA) will be 3 ½ hours, Islamic Studies / Ethics Compulsory 2 hours and Pakistan Studies Compulsory 1 ½ hours while duration of all other papers will be 3 hours.
  5. Clash of subjects (if any) is required to be informed to the undersigned immediately.

Important Instructions for the Candidates.

  1. Roll No. should be written on the right of the title page of the answer book only and not at any other place. Answer book number should also not be mentioned inside the answer book.
  2. Marks of identification should not be made any-where in the answer book or on the title page.
  3. Do not bring material relevant to the syllabus before entering into the Examination Hall.
  4. Do not make appeal to the Examiner in the answer book.
  5. Do not use abusive or obscene language in the answer book.
  6. Do not disobey Center Superintendent, change your Roll No / Seat with another candidate,
  7. Create disturbance, stage walkout, resort to pen down strike or instigate others to do so, or otherwise misbehaves in or around the Examination Hall.
  8. Do not bring fire-arms or anything capable of being used as a weapon of offence in or around Examination Hall.
  9. No one is allowed to leave the Examination Hall before first one hour is over. If anyone leaves after one hour or before half the time is over, he/she shall not be allowed to take away the Question Paper.
  10. Un-authorized change of center is strictly prohibited. If anyone changes his/ her center of examination at his/ her own, un-fair means case will be registered against him/her, similarly no change of subject is allowed unless permitted by the University.
  11. No one can appear in the Examination without getting his/her Roll Number Slip. Unfair-means case shall be registered   against    those   who will violate the instructions and rules/regulations of the University.
  12. The candidates are not allowed to bring/use minicomputer, smart watch, calculator and mobile telephone sets in the Examination Hall. Unfair Means Case shall be registered against those who violate the above or such other instructions as are issued.                   
Program Subject Paper
06-01-2023 Friday
BA / BSc A Course of Mathematics B
ADSC /ADS-II A Course of Mathematics II
BA / BSc Mathematics (General) B
ADAC/ADA-II/ADSC/ADS-II Mathematics (General) II
BSc Zoology A
BA Social Work B
ADAC/ADA-II Social Work II
BA Persian B
BA International Relations B
ADAC/ADA-II International Relations II
09-01-2023 Monday
B.A English Language (Compulsory)  B
ADA-II/ADAC English Language  Comp
BSc English Language  Comp
ADSC/ADS-II English Language  Comp
B.Com II Auditing II
ADC-II Auditing II
10-01-2023 Tuesday
BSc Botany A
BSc Physics A
BA Fine Arts A
ADAC Fine Arts II
ADAC/ADA-II Islamic Studies II
BA Islamic Studies B
B.Com-II Advanced Financial Accounting I
ADC-II Advanced Financial Accounting I
11-01-2023 Wednesday
B.A English Language (Compulsory) A
ADA-I/ADAC English Language (Compulsory) I
ADC-I Economics III
12-01-2023 Thursday
BA / BSc Islamic Studies / Ethics Comp
ADAC / ADA-I/ADSC/ADS-I Islamic Studies / Ethics Comp
ADC-I Islamic Studies / Ethics VIII
13-01-2023 Friday
ADAC/ADA-I/ADSC/ADS-I Applied Psychology I
BA International Relations A
ADAC/ADA-I International Relations I
BA/BSc Psychology A
ADC-I Business Statistics & Mathematics I
16-01-2023 Monday
ADAC/ADA-I Library Science I
BA Library Science A
BA Peace & Conflict Studies A
ADSC/ADS-I Chemistry I-B
ADAC/ADA-I Education I
BA Education A
BSc Physics C
ADC-I Introduction to Business VI
17-01-2023 Tuesday
BA / BSc Pakistan Studies Comp
ADAC/ADA-I/ADSC/ADS-I Pakistan Studies  Comp
18-01-2023 Wednesday
ADAC/ADA-I Islamic Studies I
BA Islamic Studies A
BA / BSc Mathematics (General) A
ADAC/ADA-II Sociology II
ADAC/ADA-I/ADSC/ADS-I Mathematics (General) I
19-01-2023 Thursday
BA Sociology B
BA History B
BA/BSc Computer Science B
B.Com II Cost Accounting VI
ADC-II Cost Accounting VI
20-01-2023 Friday
BA/BSc Geography A
ADAC/ADA-I Punjabi I
BA Punjabi A
ADAC/ADA-I English Literature I
BA English Literature A
ADSC/ADS-I B Course of Mathematics I
BA / BSc B Course of Mathematics A
ADC-I Financial Accounting IV
23-01-2023 Monday
ADAC/ADA-I Social Work I
BA Social Work A
ADS-I/ADSC Physics I
BSc Physics B
ADAC/ADA-II Journalism II
B.Com-II Pakistan Studies VIII
ADC-II Pakistan Studies VIII
24-01-2023 Tuesday
BA Urdu A
BA Political Science A
ADAC/ADA-I Political Science I
ADSC/ADS-I Zoology I-B
BSc Chemistry C
ADC-I Money, Banking & Finance VII
25-01-23 Wednesday
ADSC/ADS-I A Course of Mathematics I
BA / BSc A Course of Mathematics A
ADA-I/ADAC Sociology I
BA Sociology A
ADSC/ADS-I Botany 1-B
ADC-I Functional English V
26-01-2023 Thursday
BA / BSc Computer Science A
ADAC/ADA-I/ADSC/ ADS-I Computer Studies I
BA  Arabic A
27-01-2023 Friday
BA Journalism B
BSc Chemistry A
ADS-II/ADSC Chemistry II-A
B.Com-II Business Taxation V
ADC-II Business Taxation V
30-01-2023 Monday
ADAC/BA /ADA-II Arabic  Opt.
Economics Opt.
English Literature Opt.
Fine Arts Opt.
Geography Opt.
History Opt.
Home Economics Opt.
Islamic Studies Opt.
Journalism Opt.
International Relations Opt.
Urdu Opt.
Mathematics Opt.
Persian Opt.
Philosophy Opt.
Political Science Opt.
Punjabi Opt.
Social Work Opt.
Sociology Opt.
Statistics Opt.
Psychology Opt.
BA Library Science (Old Scheme) Opt.
ADA-II Library Science (New Scheme) Opt.
ADSC/ADS-I Chemistry I-A
BSc Chemistry B
31-01-2023 Tuesday
BA / BSc Geography B
BA Philosophy B
ADAC Philosophy II
BA Library Science B
ADAC/ADA-II Library Science II
ADSC/ADS-II Chemistry II-B
B.Com-II Business Communication and Report Writing III
ADC-II Business Communication and Report Writing III
01-02-2023 Wednesday
BA / BSc Essentials of Home Economics B
ADA-II/ADAC/ADS-II/ADSC Essentials of Home Economics II
BA Health & Physical Education B
ADAC/ADA-II Health & Physical Education II
BA/BSc Economics B
B.Com-II Economics of Pakistan VII
ADC-II Economics of Pakistan VII
02-02-2023 Thursday
ADAC/ADA-I Journalism I
BA Journalism A
BSc Zoology C
ADSC/ADS-I Zoology I-A
ADC-I Computer Application in Business II
BSc Botany B
BA Education B
ADA-II/ADAC Education II
BA / BSc Statistics B
B.Com-II Business Law IV
ADC-II Business Law IV
06-02-2023 Monday
BA Peace & Conflict Studies B
ADAC Philosophy I
BA Philosophy A
ADAC/ADA-I Persian I
BA Persian A
BA/BSc Economics A
BA/BSc Essentials of Home Economics A
ADA-I/ADSC Essentials of Home Economics I
07-02-2023 Tuesday
BA / BSc B Course of Mathematics B
ADSC/ADS-II B Course of Mathematics II
BA Punjabi B
BSc Zoology B
08-02-2023 Wednesday
BA Political Science B
ADAC/ADA-II Political Science II
ADAC/ADA-II/ADSC/ADS_II Applied Psychology II
09-02-2023 Thursday
ADAC/ADA-I History I
BA History A
BA / BSc Statistics A
BA Health & Physical Education A
ADAC/ADA-I Health & Physical Education I
BSc Botany C
ADAC Fine Arts I
10-02-2023 Friday
BA English Literature B
ADAC/ADA-II English Literature II
BA Arabic B
BA Urdu B
BA / BSc Psychology B