Date Sheet of 4th Term BS/B.Com/BBA/M.Com/MBA/M.Sc/M.A/BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech. Final Written Examination 2019 Sargodha University

Date Sheet of 4th Term BS/B.Com/BBA/M.Com/MBA/M.Sc/M.A / BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech. Final Written Examination

Day & Date Subjects Code & Paper
B.Com BCT-406: Advanced Financial Accounting-II
BBA BMAT-4202: Calculus
BS-Civil Technology CT-221: Soil Mechanics
BS-Computer Science CMP-3310: Software Engineering
BS-IT CMP-3310: Software Engineering
BS-Electrical Technology HU-224: Communication Skills-II
BS-English ENG-218: Prose-I (Old Scheme)
ENG-219:  Introduction to World Englishes (New Scheme)
BS-Geography ENG-202: English-IV (Old Scheme)
ENG-202: English-IV (New Scheme)
BS-Geology ENG-202: English-IV
BS-Botany ENG-204: English (Communication Skills) (Old Scheme)
BS-Chemistry ENG-204: Advanced Communication Skills
BS-Mathematics ENG-204: Communication Skills (Old Scheme)
ECON-204: Mathematical Economics (New Scheme)
M.A (English) ENG-607: Drama-IV (20th Century)
BS-Psychology ENG-211: Communication Skills-II
BS-Zoology ENG-204: English (Old Scheme)
ZOL-202: Animal Diversity Chordates (New Scheme)
BS-Software Engineering CMP-2540:Computer Communication & Network
BS-Physics MATH-210: Vectors and Tensors Analysis
M.Com ACM-611: Advanced Auditing (Elective-I)
FIM-611: Corporate Finance (Elective-I)
M.Sc (IT) IT-3441: Database Administration 
M.Sc (Zoology) ZOL-602: Zoogeography & Paleontology
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-221: Machine Design
MBA (3.5-Years) BECO-6205: Managerial Economics
MSc (Physical Education) PED-604: Measurement & Evaluation in Sport
B.Com BCT-407: Business Taxation
BBA BECO-4203: Pakistan Economy
BS-Botany BOT-204: Plant Physiology & Ecology (Old Scheme)
BOT-204: Plant Physiology & Ecology (New Scheme)
BS-Zoology BOT-204: Plant Physiology & Ecology (Old Scheme)
BOT-204: Botany-IV: Plant Physiology & Ecology (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology CT-222: Highway and Transportation Engineering
M.Sc (IT) IT-4349: IT Project Management
BS-English ENG-219: Greek & Classical Drama-I (Old Scheme)
  ENG-220: Greek & Classical Drama-I (New Scheme)
M.A (English) ENG-608: Fiction-IV
BS-Geography ENVR-201: Introduction to Environmental Science  (Old Scheme)
GEOG-230: Geography of Pakistan  (New Scheme)
BS-Geology GEOL-206: Petrography
BS-Mathematics MATH-202: Algebra-I (Old Shcheme)
  MATH-204: Linear Algebra (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry MATHS-441:Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
BS-Physics MATH-211: Linear Algebra
BS-Software Engineering MATH-3215: Linear Algebra
BS-Computer Science MATH-3215: Linear Algebra
BS-Psychology BIO-214: Introduction to Biology-II
M.Com MCM-608: E-Commerce
M.Sc (Zoology) ZOL-604: Logic & Reasoning
BS-Electrical Technology ET-221: Instrumentation and Measurement
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-222: Manufacturing Processes
MBA (Executive) BHRM-6202: Industrial Relations and Labor Laws
MBA (3.5-Years) BFIN-6203: Islamic banking and finance
MSc (Physical Education) PED-605: Leadership in Sport
20-12-19 B.Com BCT-408: Business Law
Friday BBA BLAW-4203: Company Law
  BS-Botany CHEM-204: Chemistry Special Topics (Old Scheme)
  CHEM-292:Basic Biochemistry (New Scheme)
  BS-Chemistry CHEM-291: Chemistry Special Topics
  BS-Zoology CHEM-204: Chemistry Special Topics (Old Scheme)
  CHEM-202: Chemistry-IV Special  Topics in Chemistry (New Scheme)
  BS-Civil Technology CT-223: Quality Surveying and Contract Document
  BS-Computer Science CMP-3450: Database System
  BS-IT CMP-3450: Database Systems
  M.Sc (IT) IT-4511: System and Network Administration
  BS-Electrical Technology ET-222: Network Analysis
  M.A (English) ENG-609: Modern Critical Theories
  BS-English ENG-220: Classical Poetry-I (Old Scheme)
  ENG-221: Classical Poetry-I (New Scheme)
  BS-Mathematics MATH-204: Ordinary Differential Equations (Old Scheme)
  MATH-206: Discrete Mathematics (New Scheme)
  BS-Software Engineering CMP-3621: Operating Systems 
  BS-Mechanical Technology MT-223: Production Planning and Control
  BS-Physics PHYS-207: Basics of Electronics and Nuclear Physics
  BS-Psychology IHR-215: Introduction to Human Rights
  BS-Geography ENVR-205: Environmental Geology (Old Scheme)
  ECON-206: Introductory Economics (New Scheme)
  BS-Geology GEOL-210: Structural Geology
  M.Com MCM-610: Corporate Governance
M.Sc (Zoology) ZOL-608: Microbiology-II
MBA (Executive) BACC-6208: Financial Statement Analysis (Elective-II)
BHRM-6208: Organization Development (Elective-II)
BMKT-6205: Brand Management (Elective-II)
MBA (3.5-Years) BMGT-6203: E-Business and Management
B.Com BCT-409: Cost Accounting
BBA BACC-4204: Cost Accounting 
BS-Botany ES-204: Social Psychology  (Old Scheme)
PSY-201: Introduction to Psychology (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry MNT-204: Introduction to Management
BS-Civil Technology CT-224: Material Testing Repair and Maintenance
BS-Computer Science CS-3143:Design and Analysis of Algorithms
BS-Electrical Technology ET-223: Power Transmission
BS-English ENG-221: Fiction-II (Old Scheme)
  ENG-222: Fiction-II (New Scheme)
M.A (English) ENG-610: TEFL (Teaching of English as Foreign Language)
BS-Geography GEOG-203: Regional Concepts (Old Scheme)
GEOG-280: Surveying (New Scheme)
BS-Geology GEOL-206: Igneous Petrology
BS-Psychology PSY-212: Social Psychology
BS-Mathematics PSY-202: Social Psychology (Old Scheme)
MATH-202: Vector Analysis & Mechanics (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-224: Fluid Mechanics
BS-Physics PHYS-208: Theory of Thermodynamics
BS-Software Engineering SE-3311: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
BS-Zoology PSY-204: Psychology (Old Scheme)
PSY-201: Introduction to Psychology (New Scheme)
M.Com MCM-609: International Business
MCM-603: Investment Analysis
MBA (3.5-Years) BMGT-6201: International Business
BS-IT IT-3513: Internet Architecture & Protocols
M.Sc (IT) IT-4441: Data Warehousing
IT-4541: Data Security and Networks
IT-4744: Enterprise Applications Development
MBA (Executive) BFIN-6203: International Financial Management (Elective-I)
BHRM-6204: Performance Management(Elective-I)
BMKT-6202: Sales Management (Elective-I)
B.Com BCT-410: Economics of Pakistan
BBA BSTA-4202II: Statistical Inferences
BS-Botany ZOL-204: Principles of Animal Physiology (Old Scheme)
ZOL-204: Principles of Animal Physiology (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry ZOL-204: Principles of Animal physiology
PHYG-402: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics, Modern Physics
BS-Zoology ZOL-204: Principles of Animal Physiology (Old Scheme)
  ZOL-203: Principles of Animal Physiology (New Scheme)
BS-Civil Technology CT-225: Hydrology
BS-Computer Science CS-4240: Computer Architecture
BS-Electrical Technology ET-225: Total Quality Management
M.Com MCM-607: Total Quality Management
BS-English ENG-222: Semantics & Pragmatics (Old Scheme)
ENG-223: Semantics & Pragmatics (New Scheme)
M.A (English) ENG-611: History of Western Civilization
BS-IT SS-4910: Professional Practices
BS-Mathematics PHY-202: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (Old Scheme)
PHY-202: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics  (New Scheme)
BS-Physics STAT-212: Theory of Error Analysis
BS-Geology MGT-204: Principle of Management in Geology
BS-Geography  PSYC-203: Psychology (Old Scheme)
PSY-203: Psychology (New Scheme)
SOC-204: Sociology (Old Scheme)
BS-Psychology PSY-213: Educational Psychology
M.Sc (IT) IT-4442: Data Mining
IT-4569: Routing and Switching
IT-4545: Mobile Computing
BS-Software Engineering MNG-2215: Human Resource Management
MBA (Executive) BFIN-6205: Investment  and Portfolio Management (Elective-III)
BHRM-6211: Strategic Human Resource Management (Elective-III)
BMKT-6204: Advertising Management (Elective-III)
MBA (3.5-Years) BMGT-6204: Production and Operations Management
BS-Botany BOT-205: Biodiversity & Conservation (New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry BOT-204: Plant Physiology & Ecology
BS-English ENG-223: Morphology & Syntax (Old Scheme)
ENG-224: Morphology & Syntax (New Scheme)
M.A (English) ENG-612: Short Story
BS-IT SS-2312: Pakistan Studies 
BS-Computer Science SS-2312: Pakistan Studies
BS-Software Engineering SE-3342: Software Requirement Engineering
M.Com ACM-612: Intermediate Accounting (Elective-II)
FIM-612: Advance Portfolio Management (Elective-II)
M.Sc (IT) IT-4461: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
M.A (English) ENG-613: English for Specific Purposes
M.Sc (IT) IT-4746: E-Commerce Applications Development
BS-IT MNG-3262: Entrepreneurship
M.Com FIM-606: Personal Finance
BS-Botany MATH-201/MATH-204: Mathematics (Old Scheme)
Math-204: Mathematics (New Scheme)
MBA (Executive) BMGT-6201: Entrepreneurship
M.A (English) ENG-615: Discourse Analysis
M.A (English) ENG-614: Non-native Literature
BS-Botany BOT-205: Biodiversity and Conservation


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