Date Sheet of 5th Term Final Written Examination January 2022 Affiliated Colleges Sargodha University

Sargodha University Date Sheet of BS Programs /BBA /MBA (3.5 Years), BS(Civil), BS(Electrical), BS(Mechanical) Tech. 5th Term Final Written Examination January 2022 (For Affiliated Colleges only)

Note:  Candidates must keep their Original National Identity Card and Roll No. slips, wear masks and follow all SOPs notified by Govt. of the Punjab regarding COVID-19 during the course of examination failing which they would not be allowed to take the examination.

Subjects Code & Paper
26-01-2022 (Wednesday)
BBA BACC-5105: Accounting for Decision Making
BS-Botany BOT-306: Bacteriology and Virology (New & Old Scheme)
BS-Chemistry CHEM-311: Analytical Chemistry
BS-Civil Technology CT-311: Irrigation and Hydraulic Engineering
BS-Computer Science CS-3131: Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
BS-Electrical Technology ET-311: Microprocessor Theory and Interfacing
BS-English ENG-324: Shakespeare(Old Scheme)
ENG-325: Shakespeare (New Scheme)
BS-Geography GEOG-301: History and Development of Geographic Thoughts
BS-IT CMP-3621: Operating Systems
BS-Mathematics MATH-301: Complex Analysis (Old Scheme)
MATH-305:Ordinary Differential Equations(New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-311: I.C Engine
BS-Physics PHYS-301: Methods of Mathematical Physics-I
BS-Psychology PSY-301: Introduction to Research Methodology
BS-Software Engineering CMP-3711: Human Computer Interaction
BS-Zoology ZOL-501: Fisheries (Old Scheme)
ZOL-501: Fisheries (New Scheme)
MBA (3.5-Years) BFIN-7102: Corporate Finance
27-01-2022 (Thursday)
BBA BCMP-5102: IT in Business and Office Automation
BS-Botany BOT-310: Plant Systematics (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry CHEM-362: Inorganic Chemistry-I
BS-Civil Technology CT-312: Reinforced Concrete Structures
BS-Computer Science CMP-3621: Operating System
BS-Electrical Technology ET-312: Power and Industrial Electronics
BS-English ENG-325: Literary Criticism-I (Old Scheme)
ENG-326: Literary Criticism-I (New Scheme)
BS-Geography GEOG: 302: Geomorphology
GEOL-303: Sedimentology
BS-IT CMP-3711: Human Computer Interaction
BS-Mathematics MATH-303: Algebra-II (Old Scheme)
MATH-309: Algebra-II (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-312: Plant Maintenance
BS-Physics PHYS-302: Classical Mechanics-I
BS-Psychology PSY-302: Cross Cultural Psychology
BS-Software Engineering CS-3548: Web System and Technologies
BS-Zoology ZOL-503: Cell & Molecular Biology (Old Scheme)
ZOL-503: Cell & Molecular Biology (New Scheme)
28-01-2022 (Friday)
BBA BMAT-5103: Business Mathematics & Statistics
BS-Botany BOT-307: Phycology &Byrology(Old & New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry CHEM-372: Organic Chemistry-I
BS-Civil Technology CT-313: Steel Structures
BS-Computer Science CS-3513: Internet Architecture & Protocols
BS-Electrical Technology ET-313: Switchgear and Protective Devices
BS-English ENG-327: Fiction-III (New Scheme)
BS-Geography GEOG-303: Climatology
GEOL-305: Geophysics
BS-IT IT-3431: Technology Management
BS-Mathematics MATH-305/MATH-305I: Real Analysis (Old Scheme)
MATH-307: Real Analysis-I (New Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-313:Mechanical Vibrations
BS-Physics PHYS-303: Electrodynamics-I
BS-Psychology PSY-303: Computer Application in Psychology
BS-Software Engineering CS-3743: Multimedia Systems and Design
BS-Zoology ZOL-505: Biochemistry (Old Scheme)
ZOL-502: General Biochemistry (New Scheme)
31-01-2022 (Monday)
BBA BMGT-5103: Principles of Management
BS-Botany BOT-308: Mycology & Plant Pathology (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry CHEM-382: Physical Chemistry-I
BS-Civil Technology CT-314: Computer Aided Building Modeling and Design
BS-Computer Science CS-3941: Numerical Computing
BS-Electrical Technology ET-314: Tele-Communication Technology
BS-English ENG-328: Classical Poetry-II (New Scheme)
BS-Geography GEOG-304: Economic Geography
BS-Geology GEOL-307: Field Geology
BS-IT IT-3441: DB Administration & Management
BS-Mathematics MATH-307: Classical Mechanics (Old Scheme)
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-314: Instrumentation and Control
BS-Physics PHYS-304: Electronics
BS-Psychology PSY-304: Principals of Psychological Assessment
BS-Software Engineering SE-3341: Software Testing & Quality Engineering
BS-Zoology ZOL-507: Wildlife (Old Scheme)
ZOL-505: Wildlife (New Scheme)
01-02-2022 (Tuesday)
BBA BMKT-5101: Principles of Marketing
BS-Botany BOT-309: Diversity of Vascular Plants (Old & New Scheme)
BS-Chemistry MTH-300: Basic Mathematics for Chemists (Old Scheme)
MATH-300: Basic Mathematics for Chemists (New Scheme)
BS-Computer Science SE-3311: Object Oriented Analysis & Design
BS-English ENG-328: Applied Linguistics (Old Scheme)
ENG-329: Applied Linguistics (New Scheme)
BS-Geography GEOG-305: Quantitative Methods
GEOL-309: Micropaleontology
BS-IT IT-3743: Multimedia Systems and Design
BS-Mathematics MATH-309: Topology (Old Scheme)
MATH-301: Topology (New Scheme)
BS-Electrical Technology ET-315: Industrial and Environmental Safety
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-315: Production Automation
BS-Civil Technology CT-315: Water Supply & Waste Water Management
BS-Psychology PSY-305: Fundamental Statistics in Psychology
BS-Software Engineering SE-3344: Software Construction
BS-Zoology ZOL-509: Biostatistics(Old Scheme)
ZOL-504: Biostatistics (New Scheme)
02-02-2022 (Wednesday)
BBA BSSE-5106: Business Communication & Report Writing
BS-Botany BOT-305: Biostatistics
STAT-412: Biostatistics
BS-Computer Science SS-2511: Principles of Philosophy
SS-2410: Principles of Psychology
BS-English ENG-329: Discourse Analysis (Old Scheme)
ENG-330: Stylistics-I (New Scheme)
GEOL-311: Introduction to GIS & RS
BS-Geography GEOG-306: Principal of Cartography
BS-IT SE-3311: Objection Oriented Analysis & Design
BS-Mathematics MATH-311: Differential Geometry
MATH-303: Differential Geometry
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-316: Total Quality Management
BS-Psychology PSY-306: Historical Perspectives in Abnormal Psychology
BS-Software Engineering SE-4343: Software Design & Architecture

Note:  Dates of Practical / Viva Voce Examination will be notified separately and provided to the Principals of concerned Colleges. The candidates are advised to remain in-touch with the Principal of concerned colleges for the purpose.


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