Date Sheet of 6th Term BS Programs /BBA /MBA (3.5 Years) / BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech. Final Written Examination 2019 Sargodha University

Date Sheet of 6th Term BS Programs /BBA /MBA (3.5 Years) / BS (Civil), BS (Electrical), BS (Mechanical) Tech. Final Written Examination 2019 University of Sergoda

Day & Date Subjects Code & Paper
BBA BAAC-5206: Industrial & Management Accounting
BS-Chemistry CHEM-373: Organic Chemistry-II
BS-Civil Technology CT-321: Environmental Management
BS-Computer Science CMP-3711: Human Computer Interaction
BS-Electrical Technology ET-321: Power System Analysis
BS-English ENG-330: Literary Criticism-II
BS-Geography GEOG-307: Oceanography
BS-IT IT-3544: System Integration and Architecture
BS-Mathematics MATH-302: Numerical Analysis
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-321: Production Automation
BS-Physics PHYS-306: Methods of Mathematical Physics-II
BS-Psychology PSY-316:Psychopathology
BS-Software Engineering SE-4340: Formal Methods in Software Engineering
BS-Zoology ZOL-502:Genetics
BS-Botany BOT-312: Genetics-I
MBA (3.5-Years) BHRM-7202: Strategic Management
BBA BBRM-5201: Applied Business Research
BS-Botany BOT-311:Anatomy of Vascular Plants
BS-Chemistry CHEM-363: In-Organic Chemistry-II
BS-Computer Science CS-3548: Web Systems and Technologies
BS-Electrical Technology ET-322: Data and Computer Communication
BS-English ENG-331: Drama-II
BS-Geography GEOG-308: Research Methods
BS-Mathematics MATH-304: Algebra-III
BS-Physics PHYS-307: Classical Mechanics-II
BS-Psychology PSY-312:Neurological Basis of Behavior
BS-Software Engineering CS-4744: Enterprise Application Development
BS-IT IT-4745: Enterprise Application Development
BS-Zoology ZOL-504:Animal Physiology
MBA (3.5-Years) BHRM-7102: Industrial Relations and Labor Law
BMKT-7105: Brand Management
BS-Civil Technology HU-325: Pak Studies
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-322: Energy & Environmental Technologies
BBA BCMP-5203: Management Information System
BS-Botany BOT-313:Plant Biochemistry-I
BS-Chemistry CHEM-322: Biochemistry
BS-Civil Technology CT-322: Introduction to Earth Quake Engineering
BS-Computer Science CS-3811: Artificial Intelligence
BS-Software Engineering CS-3811: Artificial Intelligence
BS-Electrical Technology ET-323: Control Technology
BS-English ENG-332: Prose-II
BS-Geography GEOG-309: Population Geography
BS-IT IT-4349: IT Project Management
BS-Mathematics MATH-306: Real Analysis-II
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-323: Metrology & Gauging
BS-Physics PHYS-308: Electrodynamics-II
BS-Psychology PSY-313:Applications of Statistics in Psychology
BS-Zoology ZOL-506:Development Biology
MBA (3.5-Years) BMKT-7203: Supply Chain Management
BBA BECO-5204: Economics Theory and Issues
BS-Botany BOT-314:Plant Ecology-I
BS-Zoology ZOL-508:Ecology
BS-Chemistry CHEM-383: Physical Chemistry-II
BS-Civil Technology CT-324: Engineering Economics
BS-Computer Science CS-3743: Multimedia Systems and Design
BS-Electrical Technology ET-324: High Voltage Technology
BS-English ENG-333: Romantic Poetry
BS-Geography GEOG-310: Fundamentals of GIS
BS-IT IT-4511: Systems and Network Administration
BS-Mathematics MATH-308: Partial Differential Equations
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-324: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
BS-Physics PHYS-309: Quantum Mechanics-I
BS-Psychology PSY-314: Application of Psychological Assessment
BS-Software Engineering SE-4344: Software CASE Tools & Applications
MBA (3.5-Years) BACC-7208: Financial Statement Analysis
BMKT-7203E:Marketing Research
BHRM-7208: Organizational Development
BBA BFIN-5201: Financial Management
BS-Botany BOT-315: Plant Physiology-I
BS-Chemistry STAT-300: Basic Statistics
BS-Computer Science CS-4140: Theory of Programming Languages
BS-Electrical Technology ET-325: Power Distribution and Utilization
BS-English ENG-334: Stylistics-I
BS-Geography GEOG-311: Principles of Remote Sensing
BS-IT IT-4541: IT Infra-structure
BS-Mathematics MATH-310: Functional Analysis
BS-Physics PHYS-310: Solid State Physics-I
BS-Psychology PSY-315:Personality Psychology
BS-Software Engineering SE-4349: Software Project Management
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-325: Project Management
BS-Civil Technology CT-323: Project Management
MBA (3.5-Years) BMGT-7210: Project Management
BS-Zoology ZOL-510:Animal Behavior
BBA BHRM-5201: Human Resource Management
BS-Botany BOT-316:Molecular Biology
BS-Computer Science MNG-2212: Principles of Management
BS-English ENG-335: Research Methodology
BS-Psychology PSY-311:Advanced Research Methodology
BS-Geography GEOG-312: Urban Geography
BS-IT IT-3548: Web Systems and Technologies
BS-Mathematics SW-204: Logic and reasoning
BS-Mechanical Technology MT-326: Renewable Energy Technology
MBA (3.5-Years) BFIN-7205: Investment and Portfolio  Management
BHRM-7104: Performance Management
BHRM-7211: Strategic Human Resource Management