Date Sheet of MEd 2nd Annual Examination, 2018


MEd 2nd Annual Examination 2018


Time:             02:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Note (i):         Candidates must keep their Original National Identity Card and Roll No. Slip with them during the course of Examination failing which they would not be allowed to take the Examination.

Date & Day L.K No PaperNo. Paper Title
22-08-2019 (Thursday) 50 I Research Methods in Education
23-08-2019 (Friday) 51 II Educational Planning and Management
26-08-2019 (Monday) 52 III Curriculum Development
27-08-2019 (Tuesday) 53 IV Instruction Technology and Computer Applications in Education
28-08-2019 (Wednesday) 54 V Education in Pakistan
29-08-2019 (Thursday) 55 VI Philosophy of Education
30-08-2019 (Friday) 56 VII Human Resource Management
02-09-2019 (Monday) 57 VIII Guidance and Counseling
03-09-2019 (Tuesday) 58 IX Sociology of Education
04-09-2019 (Wednesday) 59 X  Institutional Improvement
05-09-2019 (Thursday) 60 XI Human Development and Learning
06-09-2019 (Friday) 61 XII History of Education
07-09-2019 (Saturday) 62 XIII  Comparative Education