Islamic Studies BA / B.Sc Syllabus Sargodha University

Here you can find syllabus / course outlines of the Subject Islamic Studies (Compulsory / Optional / Elective) BA / B.Sc Annual Examination under University of Sergoda

(For Non-Muslims)
(Marks 60)
1. Definition and scope of ethics: relation of ethics to psychology, metaphysics in religion.
2. A brief review of the major theories of the moral standards.
(a) The stnadard as Law.
(b) The standard as Happiness.
(c) The standard as Perfection.
3. Promotion of Moral values in society through family and various educational and cultural Institutions; Concept of good and evil:
Freedom and responsibility; various theories of punishment.
4. Ethical techniques of world religions with special reference to Hinduism, Christianity, Budhims, Judaism and Islam.
100 Ethical precepts from the Quran and sayings of the Holy Porphet (PBUH) – Appendix – II.
6. Islam’s attitude towards minorities.

Books Recommended:
Relevant portions of the following books:
1. J.S. Mackenzie: A Manual of Ethics.
2. Harol H. Titus: Ethics for To-day.
3. B.A. Dar: Quranic Ethics.
4. Proceedings of to Islamic Colloquium, Lahore 1957.
5ó  Ÿ–‚¢˜¦ ’žŸœ ƒ‚ž¤œ¤“  ž¦¢Žý  ’žŸ¤ Ž¤’„ :  ’¤‹ ‚¢ž˜ž¤½ Ÿ¢‹¢‹¤ó
Note: The Details are available in Appendix – II.