Leisure – A New Anthology of English Poetry Notes

Q. No. 01: – It is our attitude towards life that makes it full of worries. Discuss it?


What are some of the simple delights that we miss in our rushed life?


In this modern age man has become so busy in material needs. We are so lost in the activities of life that we have no time to enjoy the beauties of nature. The situation has become so complex that man can not pay heed to small but beautiful natural happenings. He is always busy in material pursuits and intentionally ignores natural delights. There are so many simple delights that we miss in our busy life.

We do no enjoy the colorful birds, fishes, cows, sheep, goats and other animals.

We miss sweet green trees. We miss the sun, stars and moon. We miss the sweet songs of the birds. We miss the blue sky and green forests. We miss sweet rivers, streams, oceans, hills and mountains. In fact, we miss so much in our life which we may enjoy if we have spare time for that.

Q. No. 02: – The poet has used a personification can you point it out?


Personification is a poetic device in which human qualities are given toa thing or an idea. The idea or thing presented as living creature. In the poem Leisure “Beauty” has been personified. Beauty stands for two things. One is nature and other is the charming woman who can captivate the heart of your people. The poet has talked about the glance, the dancing feet, mouth and eyes of a beautiful woman.

Q. No. 03: – Brings out the hidden qualities of the poem “Leisure” by William Davis?


  The poem criticizes on the over busy life of modern age. Modern man is very busy now-a-days. He is also in a hurry to earn as much as he can. Therefore, he is deprived of the richness and beauty of life. Life has to offer man many gifts for the eyes and the ears. But his busy life does not allow him to look at them. The poem is remarkable for the following qualities.

  1. Its man theme is about the time worship.
  2. The repletion of “no time” highlights the helplessness of man to view the sights of nature.
  3. The images or pictures of nature which we do not appreciate due to lach of time have been clearly stated. The first image is that of people standing under the green trees. The second image is related to the squirrels. Which are busy in collecting the nuts.
  4. The images of the poem are simple and common place. The word like life, care, time, sheep and poor are common place words. They have been used adequately.