Linguistics, MA English Sargodha University Past Papers 2017

Sergoda University MA English Paper-XI Linguistics Past Papers 2017

Here you can download Past Papers of Paper-XI Linguistics, MA English Part Two, 1st & 2nd Annual Examination, 2017 University of Sergoda.

Linguistics UOS Past Papers 2017

M.A. English Part – II

Paper-XI-(Linguistics)            1st A. Exam.2017

Time: 3 Hours                                                Marks:100

Note: Objective part is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from subjective part.

Objective Part

Q.1: Write short answers of the following in two lines each on the answer book.                       (2*10)

  1. What is Acoustic Phonetics?
  2. What is Prevarication?
  3. What is functional variety of language?
  4. What is an Allophone?
  5. What is an Allomorph?
  6. Define Theo-linguistics.
  7. /w/ is articulated as a vowel but it is a consonant, why?
  8. What are approximant sounds?
  9. What is Neologism?
  10. What is a Phoneme?

Subjective Part

Q.2:     Write a comprehensive note on different theories about the origin of language. Give Examples.

Q.3:     What is language? Give at least four definitions of language given by some renowned linguists and also give you critical understanding of these definitions.

Q.4:     Write a detailed note on the description of Vowel Sounds reference to their articulation. Support your answer with examples from the English Vowels.

Q.5:     What is a dialect? Explain how a dialect acquires the status of a standard language? Also elaborate different stages of the standardization process.

Q.6:     Write a detailed note on Paul Grice’s Theory of Implicatures.

Q.7:     Write short note on the following:

  1. Deviations in literary texts
  2. Phrase Structure Rules