M.Sc Zoology Term System Past Papers Sargodha University

Past Papers of M.Sc Zoology Term System Sergoda University

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M.Sc Zoology 1st Term UOS Past Papers

ZOL-501: Fisheries
ZOL-503: Cell & Molecular Biology
ZOL-505: Biochemistry
ZOL-507: Wild Life / Animal Morphology
ZOL-509: Biostatistics

M.Sc Zoology 2nd Term UOS Past Papers

  • ZOL-504: Animal Physiology
  • ZOL-506: Development Biology

M.Sc Zoology 3rd Term UOS Past Papers

  • ZOL-601: Evolution & Principles of Systematic (Old Scheme)
  • ZOL 604: Evolution & Principles of Systematic (New Scheme)
  • ZOL-603: Principles of Toxicology (Old Scheme)
  • ZOL-603: Principles and Kinetics of Toxicology (New Scheme)
  • ZOL-607: Biological Techniques & Bio-Informatics (Old Scheme)
  • ZOL 605: Bio-informatics (New Scheme)
  • ZOL-609: Microbiology-I (Old Scheme)
  • ZOL-602: Biological Techniques (New Scheme)

M.Sc Zoology 4th Term UOS Past Papers

  • ZOL-602: Zoogeography and Paleontology
  • ZOL-604: Logic and Reasoning
  • ZOL-608: Microbiology-II