Mathematics BA / BSc Syllabus Sargodha University

Here you can find all Mathematics syllabus / course outlines of BA / BSc (A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics, General Mathematics and Mathematics Optional).


 (Outlines of Course)

Paper:     (Algebra ½ and Calculus ½)                                    Marks = 100

i) Algebra (½ )

Introduction to Number System, Algebra of Matrices and determinants of order 2×2, 3×3, Addition, subtraction of matrices, scalar multiplication and multiplication of matrices, singular and non-singular matrices, adjoint and inverse of matrices.

Solution of equations by using matrices and Crarner’s Rule.


Minor and co-factor of an element of a matrix in its determinants. Determinant of a square matrix of order 2×2 and 3×3 properties of determinants.

Quadratic Equations:

Some polynomial functions, Remainder and Factor Theorem, Synthetic Division, Relation between Roots and co-efficients of a quadratic equation. System of two equations involving two variables. Arithmetic, Geometric and harmonic sequences. Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series, Infinite Geometric Series.


Fundamentals of Trigonometry and Trigonometric identities.

ii) Calculus and Analytic Geometry (½)

Limit, Continuity (Simple Cases), Differentiation and Integration (Simple Cases), Differential equations (Variables separable). Introduction of a vector. Simple cases of dot and cross product of vectors.


Mathematics (Optional) means Mathematics General (Optional), A-Course of Mathematics (Optional) or B-Course of Mathematics (Optional).