Micro Economics Theory, MA Economics Sargodha University Past Papers 2017

Sergoda University MA Economics Paper-I Micro Economics Theory Past Papers 2017

Here you can download Past Papers of Paper-I Micro Economics Theory, MA Economics Part One, 1st & 2nd Annual Examination, 2017 University of Sergoda.

Micro Economics Theory UOS Past Papers 2017

M.A. Economics Part – I

Paper-I(Micro Economics)     1st Annual Exam.2017

Time: 3 Hourse                                        Marks:100

Note: Objective part is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from subjective Part.

Objective Part

Q.1: Write short answers of the following in 2-3 lines each.

  1. What is Bi-lateral monopoly?
  2. Explain consumer and producer surplus.
  3. Explain the concept of prisoner’s dilemma.
  4. Draw the kinked and linear isoquant.
  5. Define cartel.
  6. Explain back bending supply curve.
  7. Explain monopolistic competition.
  8. Define collusive and non-collusive oligopoly.
  9. What is cross price elasticity of demand?
  10. What is opportunity cost?

Subjective Parts

Q.2: Explain the consumer behavior with the help of indifference cure approach.

Q.3:     Explain 2x2x2 general equilibrium model with the help of diagrams.

Q.4:     Explain Cournot’s Model of non-collusive oligopoly.

Q.5. What is price discrimination? Under what conditions is it possible and profitable. Explain it with the help of appropriate diagram.

Q.6:     Explain the modern theory of the pricing of the factor’s of production.

Q.7:     Write a note on the following

a) Kinked Demand Model (b) Production Possibility Curve.