Modern Poetry, MA English Sargodha University Past Papers 2015

Sargodha University MA English Paper-VI Modern Poetry Past Papers 2015

Here you can download Past Papers of Paper-VI Modern Poetry, MA English Part Two, 1st & 2nd Annual Examination, 2015 University of Sargodha.

Modern Poetry UOS Past Papers 2015

M.A. English Part – II

Paper-I(Romantic Poetry)1st A. Exam.2015

Time: 3 Hours         (New Course)        Marks:100

Note: Objective part is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from subjective part.

Objective Part

Q.1: Write short answers of the following in two lines each on the answer book.           (2*10)

  1. Define mysticism.
  2. Define romanticism
  3. Why is Blake called a visionary poet?
  4. Define ode
  5. Define pantheism
  6. Define absurdism.
  7. What is negative capability?
  8. Why does Eliot call the modern civilization ‘Wasteland’?
  9. What do the ‘dark-clothed’ children signify in Larkin’s poem MCMXIV (1914)?
  10. Why does Keats call the Urn ‘Sylvan Historian’?

Subjective Parts

Q.2:     Discuss William Blake as an early romantic poet.

Q.3:     “The Prelude” is a poem on the growth of the mind of the poet (Wordsworth) Illustrate.

Q.4:     Critically analyse “Ode to the West Wind” by Shelley.

Q.5:     “The Wasteland” is cold sigh on the modern civilization (I.A Richards) Discuss.

Q.6:     Give a critical appraisal of “Ode to a Nightingale” by Keats.

Q.7:     “W.B. Yeats translates Irish history, Patriotism and struggle for freedom into his poetry”. Elucidate.

OR      Discuss the focal theme in “Church Going” by Larkin.


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