MSc Zoology Syllabus / Course Outlines Sargodha University

Syllabus of MSc Zoology Annual System University of Sargodha

M.Sc Zoology Part One Syllabus / Course Outlines

I. Biochemistry
II. Development Biology
III. Biostatistics
IV. Cell and Molecular Biology
V. Animal Physiology
VI. Genetics

M.Sc Zoology Part Two Syllabus / Course Outlines

VII Wildlife and Fisheries
VIII Animal Ecology
XIII Bioinformatics
IX Evolution & Principles of Systematics
X Principles of Toxicology
XVIII Advance in Insect Pest Management
XI Zoogeography and Paleontology
XIV Microbiology
XII Animal Behaviour
XVI Fundamentals of Hematology
XVII Human Embryology and Teratology
XX Fish Physiology and Breeding
XXII Ornithology

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