Nagasaki – Modern Essays Notes

Q. No. 01: –

Discuss the misery and horror caused by the atomic explosion on August9, 1945?


The writer gives a detail of the power of the blast. He also describes the misery and horror caused by the blast. It was a tragedy that be fell on Nagasaki.

The writer was fresh student at Nagasaki Medical College. He was one of the most fortunate survivors of the blast. It was the worst incident in the war history of the world.

On August 9, 1945 at 11:00 am a atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki allied forces. The writer was sitting in his class room with his fellow students, when he heard the sound of B-29. A few minutes later, the air flashed. There was a huge blast. The writer and his friends were terrified. They ran to the toilet to hide. When he came to sense, he was badly injured. The sky has turned from blue to black and black rain started to fall. The stone walls were reduced to rubble. The air dose of radiation was more than 7,000 rads.

After a short time, he tried to go his medical school in Urakami. But he could not reach there. There were fires every where. The people were in rags and pieces of skin hung from their bodies. All the buildings had disappeared. Only the concrete and iron skeleton of those buildings remained.

Next day he reached his school. Near the school he saw charred bodies. In one the tubs of water there was dead body. Women were crying in destroyed fields. A dead horse with a bloated belly lay by the side of the road.

The green mountain was changed into a barren and balled one. The trees stood bare and burnt. Death was dancing every where. So many people died but the survivors could not dispose of the dead bodies. They burnt the dead bodies in a pile of wood.