New Year Resolution – A New Anthology of English Poetry Notes

Q. No. 01: – What is the new resolutions as put forth by the writer?


Writer makes three resolutions at the arrival of the New Year. There are three things, which are extremely important. As they create hindrance in attainment of happiness. At first she has determined to cleanse her soul by remaining quiet. Because she feels that she has talked enough in her life. So she would be silent most of the time. She has come to understand the importance of old maxim “Silence is gold”. She wants to have some moments of peace in which she will think over past wrongs. She likes to correct these wrongs in the coming year. That is her first determination.

Her second resolution is to think deeply about her identity and twice a day. She reviews her past and realizes that she has spent the previous years in complete ignorance. And New Year inspires her to make amends for the negligence. She has it in mind that who she is and what is her place in this universe. If she identifies herself it will help her to fulfill her responsibilities.

In third resolution she decides to face the reality of life bravely. Hence she prefers to lie in the bony arms of reality. She would come out of her fancy and imagination. She would stop building castle in the air. There is no doubt that the nature of reality is bitter and uncomfortable. But she makes a commitment with herself to sleep in the bony arms of reality. These are very sound and solid resolutions, which she has made.

Q. No. 02: – How can one be comforted where as the nature of reality is bitter?


New Year Resolution is an artistic, attractive and effective poem. Being a realistic, writer has expressed her thoughts very masterfully. The poem reaches truth and practical aspects of life. According to writer, there comes a time in man’s life, when he changes the purpose of his life. It is the time when he analysis his past. He then, feels ashamed of ignorance and negligence. He concludes something, which he wants to remove from his life. The same thing happens to the writer in this poem.

Now she is determined to face the reality of life. She says that truth is bitter and reality is uncomfortable. Still she resolves to sleep in the bony arms of reality. It seems as if she has found her missing object. There may be only few brave people who can face reality with a smiling face.

The writer says that reality seems difficult to be adopted, but is poses no danger to mankind. Reality in itself might not be so comfortable but one can have contentment of mind and heart by facing it boldly. As soon as the poetess realizes it. She is comforted and satisfied.

She does not run away from the harsh reality of life. She wants to know her identity and nature impartially. She wants to know who she is and what are her duties to her God and to her fellow beings. Being a woman she wants to grasp her duties. The nature of reality provides an opportunity to the poetess to correct herself.