Pakistan Studies, BA / B.Sc Syllabus Sargodha University

Course Outline for Pakistan Studies

(Implemented w.e.f 1st Annual Examinations, 2009)

A Compulsory Course of Two Credit Hours for Under-Graduate Studies and BA/B.Sc Pass Course of 40 marks as compulsory course.

Objectives:   The objectives of this course are to acquaint the students with:

  1.   Two Nation Theory and Ideology of Pakistan
    • Historical background of creation of Pakistan
    • Two Nation Theory in its historical context definition and interpretations
    • Quaid-i-Azam and his political ideas.
  2. Political Dynamics of Pakistan
    • Constitutional of development in Pakistan. (1947-73)
    • Salient features of constitution of Pakistan 1973.
    • Institutions of Pakistan: political parties, bureaucracy, army, judiciary and media.
    • Problems of Pakistan as a Federal State.
  3. Socio-Economic Issues of Pakistan.
    • Economical Problem.
    • Social and demographic issues.
  4. Diplomatic Dynamics of Pakistan.
    • Determinants and objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
    • Pakistan’s relations with its neighboring countries.
    • Pakistan and the Muslim World ( A comprehensive review of foreign policy of Pakistan)

Recommended Books

  1. Javed Ahmad Sheikh, Pakistan’s Political, Economic and Diplomatic Dynamics, Lahore: Kitabistan Paper Products.
  2. Other relevant readings for the individual subjects shall be recommended by the teacher during the course.

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