Take Pity – A Selection of Short Stories Notes

Q No:-01: Narrates the ways in which Rosen tries to help Eva in her misery?                                          OR

 Is it true that Rosen is in love with Eva in “Take Pity”?


Eva is a lady with self respect and self confidence. She is a polish refugee who runs a general store in a back alley, after the death of her husband. Rosen tries to help at any cost. Rosen advises her to take the insurance money and run away. Let the creditors take the store what will they get? Nothing. She does not take the Rosen advice and lose his money by investing in the store.

After that Rosen asks her to shift his house and live there. But she rejects. Then he offers her to marry with him and be his family. He promises to look after the daughters well. But Eva again says no to the proposal.

Later on he begs her to get married some one else and offer her to give dowry even. But she does no accept the offer. Next he wants to renovate the store for Eva with his own investment without any kind of obligation on her. Still she does not accept that.

Later on, he thinks of helping her indirectly. He sends to her 20 dollars from another city under a fake name, saying that he had taken a loan of 700 dollars from her husband and would return it in installment. But she returns all the money to sender by the post. Rosen makes efforts to help Eva in many ways, so that she able to escape starvation. But she proves herself extremely adamant person. At last he abuses her when one she approaches in his window. No doubt the Rosen has deep love for Eva and her daughters. But she could no understand him. We see that there is totally difference of two civilizations; therefore, they cannot understand the feeling and emotion each other. And they cannot convey their message to each other.