Tartary – A New Anthology of English Poetry Notes

Q. No. 01: –Tartary is a romantic poem. Discuss it?


Tartary is a romantic poem. Tartary is an imaginary land. It is a land of fascination and charm. Poet imagines himself as the lord of Tartary. Tartary is land replete with greenery, trees, lakes and hills. Here the stars shine and the scented breeze transport human soul to joy. The lakes and seas fill the land with beauty and attraction.

Being the lord, the writer enjoys all the luxuries and comforts of the dream land. He does not like to share any thing to any body and wants to be the sole lord of Tartary.

There are several images which create the romantic effects of dream land, Tartary. The writer whishes to have his ivory bed and throne of beaten gold. He whishes to see the peacocks moving in his court. There are lamps of red and yellow lights in his court. In his forest tigers would be seen roaming about. The fishes are swimming here and there in the bright pools. Sweet and gay music would add great feelings to the atmosphere. He wears robes of white, golden and green beads. His cart is driven by seven zebras.

The poet imagines himself the lord of fruits, silver pale rivers, hills, woods and vales of Tartary. All these images complete the picture of Tartary. This creates a romantic effect on the reader. the images uses in the poem are highly romantic and colorful. The images of ivory bed, golden throne, dancing peacocks, forest, tigers and shining fishes make the poem romantic and colorful.