The Eclipse – Modern Essays Notes

Q. No. 01: –

What is the purpose of the reference of Stonehenge?


Stonehenge is a pre historic monument on Salisbury plane it consisted of a circle of 30 upright stones. This monument was built about 1900 B.C.

There are two purpose of the reference to Stonehenge. Firstly, the writer wants to give a religious touch to the witnessing of the solar eclipse. The use of word “Worshippers” clearly proves that people were wearing ordinary clothes. The worshippers of old time had also worn clothes like that. Which meant that all people were equal. There was no rich no poor. They putt off the little badges. They had forgotten everything except the solar eclipse. They were standing and looking at the sky. They were looking like men and women of ancient world. Actually, they were looking like worshippers at Stonehenge.

Secondly, the writer does not want to clearly state the solar eclipse. Therefore, she refers to Stonehenge to describe the solar eclipse. It is a very power full reference. It shows the purpose of the journey. They had come there to witness the solar eclipse.

Note: –           (Stonehenge is a name of artificial hill, which was built by 30 upright stones, where people of ancient world worshiped of Solar (Sun) before the birth of Christ.)

Q No. 02: –

 Describe the theme or importance of the eclipse?


The theme of essay is the importance of the sun. The sun brings life to our world. It is the only source of colour and heat. Without it we will suffer a lot. When there was no sun, there was no colour. As colour is an essential part of our earth. The writer says during eclipse, the blue turned to purple and pink faces were green.

Similarly, when there was no sun, there was no light. It was the end of the world and there was no life on it. According to the writer, the earth was like a skeleton then. When there was no sun, there was no heat. It is also an essential part of our earthly life.

So, we conclude that the sun is a part of our earthly life. When there is no sun, there is no life. Every thing loses its colours. The earth loses its beauty. There is no heat. Then it is just like a shell and a dead leaf. It becomes a useless thing. It is nothing. But when there is sun, the earth changes completely. Then it takes new form. Even the civilization on the earth takes a new form. There are joy and life on earth.

Q No. 03: –

What details does virginia give of actual eclipse?


 “The Eclipse” is quite interesting description of an unusual event. The unusual event was about the solar eclipse. It was source of extra ordinary excitement and deep anxiety. People were very found and eager to witness the eclipse. They were going to saw the eclipse at open place in the north. But the common villagers did not know any thing about the incident. So they saw a huge procession of watchers with wonder and surprise. The sun was rising and its rays were making things distinct. When the sun rose the sky was cloudy. The rays of the sun fell here and there through the gaps in the clouds. The world has got its natural visible colours present. But soon the sun started to go dark at the moment of total eclipse. Now the world had totally lost in the darkness. The eclipse lasted only for twenty-four seconds; the world seemed to go dead. All the colours were totally lost.

Soon darkness prevailed everywhere. All the life and movement vanished from the scene. All the objects become lifeless as if flesh and blood of the world was dead, only the skeleton was left. The colours of the world were only because of the colours of the sun. When the sun lost its colours, the world also lost its colours. It becomes all together lifeless and dead.

Q No. 04: –

What were the expectations of writer about what she expected to see? Does she suggest her expectations without stating them?


Virginia was very specific about all that she expected to see after having reached the meeting place. In her essay she hints what she expected to see. She describes the things that seemed to be pale. She hints at things which were to be lifeless. The people had gathered at the meeting point on a hill. There was coolness in the atmosphere. The people had no much protection against cold. But they had forgotten the sense of individuality. They had gathered there to witness the solar eclipse and set their faces on the sky. They were anxious to witness the solar eclipse. The eclipse was going to affect all of them emotionally as well as physically.

The writer does not suggest her expectations clearly at any place. But towards the end of the essay she remarks with beautiful conclusion. “It seemed as flesh and blood of the world was dead, only the skeleton was left. The world of colours had its colours only because of the light of the sun. When the sun lost its colours, the world also lost its colours. It becomes altogether lifeless and dead.”