The Huntsman – A New Anthology of English Poetry Notes

Q. No. 01: – What does mean by talking brought me here?


Do you think that the huntsman is responsible for his death?

Answer: –      

The poem throws light on power full and might effects of fate. Fate and death are interlinking each other. Death does not spare anybody. In this poem “The Huntsman” the hunter named Kagwa suffers here, because of his own folly. He was master huntsman. He used to hunt lions in the forests and bushes. He was very brave man. His spear went to through bushes and forests. One day, he happened to see a skull that was lying in forest. He asked the skull, “What brought you here?” And the skull replied “Talking brought me here”. Kagwa wondered to see a skull talking. It was his fate that provided him a thick skull. That is why he was not able to understand the real meaning of the words “Talking brought me here”. It meant that one must thought before one spoke.

The loose and irresponsible talk was not need anywhere. Careless and irresponsible talk was punished everywhere. But the hunter had no real idea about it. He went to the court of King and told him all about the talking skull. The king did not believe in his words. He said that he had never seen such a skull. As man is only a helpless puppet in the hands of fate. It was the irony to the fate that led Kagwa to talking and finally killed by the guards. Because, that was no the talking skull. He had done the same mistake, which the talking skull had committed. He had to die for his foolishness. We see the hunter is a fool. He lacks the proper experience of life. When he comes to know about talking skull. He should not go to the king to tell him about the talking skull. Because being a dictator, he cannot appreciate a talking skull. So we can say that the huntsman is himself responsible for his own death. We also conclude that one must no speak about the things one does no understand.