The New Constitution – A Selection of Short Stories Notes

Q No:-01: What is the new Constitution?


What would it change if promulgated?


Ustad Mango was a Tonga wala. He was illiterate fellow. Still he had knowledge about every thing and had a good understanding of the things. One day, Ustad Mango heard from two of his passengers about new Indian act of 1935. He heard them talk about the new constitution that would come into force from April, 1, 1935. One of them hoped that a lot in India would change as a result. Mango’s joy new no bounds on hearing that he thought that there would be a lot of changes as a result. As he was an idealist.

He thought that new constitution would give them equal human rights, which he was denied then in the past. He considered the news so great that he wanted to tell it as soon as possible to all his friends. The days later, Ustad Mango picked up three students of Govt. College who were also taking about the new constitution. They hoped that it would give them some benefits.

On first April, he rose up early in the morning and come on the road with his decorated Tonga. He was rather disappointed to see no change anywhere. Even then he hoped that condition might change later on at 09:00 AM. It was the time for opening of courts. Soon the fact was cleared on him and all hoped were shattered. When he was arrested and put behind bars for beating a gora soldier, who has insulted and abused him. His expectations did not come true and he was told cruelly “what rubbish are you talking? What new constitution? It is the same old constitution you fool”.

 Q No:-02: The New Constitution proves that Indian hated the English men and wanted to be free. Discuss it.?


Why does Ustad Mango hated the English men so much?


The writer tells us about the common man’s life during the British rule. The people of subcontinent hated the English men and wanted to be free. People of the sub-continent hated them because they suffered disgrace at their hands. They were treated at the level of animals. They had a strong will to enjoy the human rights. Like all the free nation of the world. The writer has made this point clear through the character of a poor Tonga wala.

Ustad Mango was illiterate fellow; still he has knowledge about every thing and had good understanding of things. He lived in Lahore and hated the English men from the core of his heart because he thought that English men did not treat them as human beings. They maltreated them. Ustad Mango did not like the inhuman treatment; he got from the hands of goras. As a result Ustad Mango wanted to crush them to death. He often called them names and abused them. He called them white mice and white monkeys.

Mango began to wait the day of new constitution eagerly. On the first April, he rose up early in the morning and came on the road. He thought that new act gave them equal human rights. But he was extremely disappointed to see no change any where. It frustrated him and by chance he got a fare for Cantt. In Cantt area he picked up row with a gora soldier under the illusion of equal rights. The gora once insulted him. He beat the gora with his stick and was arrest for that. No body gave him equal human rights.