Walking on the Moon – Modern Essays Notes

Q. No. 01: –

What is the conclusion or theme of the essay?


The writer says that human beings are facing different dangers. These dangers are starvation, ecological unbalance and the shortage of energy. So, it is therefore necessary to find out sources beyond the earth. He is happy on the successful journey to the moon.

He finds the moon a friendly world where man has taken first step. As, our reasons are changing very fast. Because of these changes we are facing difficulties.

There are expected floods and earthquakes. The ozone layer is also in danger. We are running short of energies. We have used up most of our energies. The experts say that there will be no gas or petrol after a year. We see that starvation is scattering very fast.

So, we are looking for some other sources of energy. That was why the journey to the moon was made. The writer is very on their success. The writer does not draw conclusion, he gives us his observations only. That is why the common masses enjoy his essay.

Q. No. 02: –

How does Scott think about the moon after two years that he back to the earth?


After two years that Scott is back to the earth. He thinks upon those memorable days of his life that he had spent on the moon. When he looks up at the moon, he finds it over the clouds.

It appears to him that the moon was riding brightly and proudly. He traces the craters on the moon. He remembers that once he landed on the moon. He is filled with surprise weather he has actually walked on the moon.

He again feels that he will probably never return to the moon, he thinks the moon is not a hostile or empty world. It is a radiant body where man has taken first step into frontier that will never end.