Woman Work – A New Anthology of English Poetry Notes

Q. No. 01: – The woman work is the story of every household lady. do you agree?


 It is correct to say that woman work is the story of every household lady. The writer narrates the story of a woman who works in a house day in and day out. She has to led a very dull and mechanical life. She works like a machine. Her duties vary in nature. She has to look after her children and her husband. She also has to go to market for shopping. She has to work in the kitchen from morning till evening. She has to iron the garments and clean the cottage.

She feels that time is running very fast and she has to spend all the time for household affairs. She feels sad at the discharge of her duties. There is little joy in house hold activities for her.

After performing household duties, she wishes to have some relaxing moments. But she does not find any moment to relax her body and mind. She passes her days with the same dull and bore experience of life. She does feel the necessity of some sort of change to refresh herself for the next day. She craves for some relief from the daily household routine. She whishes to tell the world that she is not a machine, but a woman of talking and

Then she calls the elements of the nature to help her. The dewdrops, sunshine and rain are sure to give her a different kind of atmosphere. These are the only things to which she can “call her own”. She whishes to enjoy the beauty of nature by playing with the snowflakes, dewdrops and big drops of rain. She yearns for the sunshine to shine on her. She asks the rain to rain on her. She wishes to float across the sky. Hence, she whishes to lose and find herself in companionship of the elements of nature. So we find the “Woman Work” is the story of not an individual lady but of all household ladies in general.