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BS Mathematics Syllabus / Course Outlines Sargodha University

BS Mathematics 1st Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

COMP-101: Introduction to Computers (New Scheme)
PKS-101: Pakistan Studies
ENG-101: Functional English (New Scheme)
ENG-101: Study Skills (Old Scheme)
MATH-101: Calculus-I (New Scheme)
MATH-101: Calculus-I (Old Scheme)
MATH-103: Number Theory (Old Scheme)
MATH-103: Elements of Set Theory and Mathematical Logic (New Scheme)
PHY-101: Mechanics-I (Old Scheme)
PHY-101: Physics-I (New Scheme)

BS Mathematics 2nd Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

MATH-102:Calculus- II
PHY-102: Physics- II
ENG-102 :English- II (Communication Skills)
COMP-102:Programming Languages for Mathematicians
MATH-104: Probability Theory
PHY-102: Electricity and Magnetism
COMP- 106:Programming Languages for Mathematician
ENG-102:Functional Grammar
ISL-102: Islamic Studies

BS Mathematics 3rd Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

BUS-231: Principles of Management (Old Scheme)
MATH-203: Algebra- I (New Scheme)
MATH-201: Calculus-III (Old Scheme)
MATH-201: Calculus-III (New Scheme)
ENG-203: Advanced Reading Skills (Old Scheme)
ENG-203: English- III “Technical Writing and Presentation Skills” (New cheme)
MATH-203: Vector Analysis & Mechanics (Old Scheme)
MATH-205: Probability Theory (New Scheme)
PHY-201: Mechanics-II (Old Scheme)
PHY-201: Physics- III (New Scheme)

BS Mathematics 4th Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

MATH-202: Algebra-I
MATH-204: Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH-202: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PSY-202: Social Psychology
ENG-204: Communication Skills

BS Mathematics 5th Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

MATH-301: Complex Analysis
MATH-303: Algebra-II
MATH-305: Real Analysis-I
MATH-307: Classical Mechanics
MATH-309: Topology
MATH-311: Differential Geometry

BS Mathematics 6th Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

SW- 204: Logic and Reasoning
MATH- 302: Numerical Analysis
MATH- 304: Algebra- II
MATH- 306: Real Analysis- II
MATH- 308: Partial Differential Equations
MATH- 310 : Functional Analysis

BS Mathematics 7th Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

MATH-401: Statistics
MATH-421: Astronomy-I
MATH-413: Advanced Group Theory-I
MATH-433: Integral Equations
MATH-429: Operations Research-I
MATH-441: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
MATH-425: Fluid Dynamics-I
MATH-431: Quantum Mechanics-I
MATH-415: Modern Algibra-I

BS Mathematics 8th Term / Semester Syllabus / Course Outlines

ECON-101: Principles of Economics
MATH-426: Fluid Mechanics- II
MATH-434: Special Relativity
MATH-450: Special Functions
MATH-454: Theory of Splines- II
MATH-414: Advanced Group Theory- II
MATH-4196: Modern Algebra- II

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