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The Tell-Tale Heart – A Selection of Short Stories Notes

Q No:-01. Whenever a pale blue eye of the old man fall upon the narrator; his blood runs cold and becomes the cause of the murder of the old man? Discuss it.                        OR Narrate the circumstance in which the old man is killed by the narrator?                                                                         OR What …

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Araby – A Selection of Short Stories Notes

Q No:-01: “ARABY” in it self is a combination of a world of reality and irreality. discuss? OR James Joyce shows the effects of love in its victims? OR The protagonist’s main role in “Araby” is to run after the shadows. Elaborate? OR Araby is a story of subjective feelings …

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Happy Prince – A Selection of Short Stories Notes

Q No:-01: What did make the happy prince weeps in the “Happy Prince”? OR Oscar Vild PRESENTS the bitter reality of life through                          “Happy Prince”? Answer: The Happy Prince was very happy when he was alive. He did not know, what tears were? He lived in a palace where …

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Take Pity – A Selection of Short Stories Notes

Q No:-01: Narrates the ways in which Rosen tries to help Eva in her misery?                                          OR  Is it true that Rosen is in love with Eva in “Take Pity”? Answer: Eva is a lady with self respect and self confidence. She is a polish refugee who runs a general …

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